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12 Homebuilder Shows You Should Attend in 2023

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With the uncertainties of the last three years slowly normalizing, it’s time to look toward the future. The perfect place to do that is at homebuilder shows and conferences.

Here, you can stay updated with industry trends, from green building and prefab materials to safety and project management. Meanwhile, you’ll network with professionals in your industry, learning more about new or established approaches to homebuilding. And, of course, an attached trade show component helps you build connections across the value chain, from contractors to marketing.

These are our favorite homebuilder shows in 2023 for your calendar.

2023 Build Expo

  • When: 8 individual expos in April, May, June, July, August, September, and December 2023
  • Where: Dallas, TX; Tampa, FL; Houston, TX; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Austin, TX; Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA; Charlotte, NC
  • Learn More

We’ll begin with a conference that’s actually a collection of builder shows in 2023. Throughout the year, the Build Expo visits different parts of the United States. Learn about the newest trends in learning sessions before connecting with exhibitors and other industry professionals, including architects, designers, engineers, homebuilders, developers, government agencies, and more.

Builder 100

  • When: May 1-3, 2023
  • Where: Dana Point, CA
  • Learn More

If you are looking for a dedicated homebuilder show, this is the perfect event for you. Anyone who is not a homebuilder will be rejected, creating a tight-knit community of attendees that will discuss the future of housing. Sessions will focus on how design, technology, labor, and capital challenges will impact homebuilding as we know it.

From a 2022 attendee: “There is not another event in our industry that brings such a high level of leaders and innovators together to share their experiences and knowledge.

PCBC Anaheim 2023

As the largest homebuilding tradeshow on the West Coast, it offers two tracks: a floor pass to interact with exhibitors related to the building industry, and a max pass that allows attendees to learn more about the art, science, and business of housing. The latter includes a building boot camp and housing tours of innovative homes that show nearly unending possibilities.

ENR FutureTech 2023

  • When: June 5-7, 2023
  • Where: San Francisco, CA
  • Learn More

As the leading technology conference in the construction industry, FutureTech has become an invaluable resource for home builders in recent years. After all, this is where you’ll learn about the technology innovations and applications that are changing how homebuilders manage projects, productivity, and more.

LCI 2023 Lean in Design Forum

  • When: June 20-21, 2023
  • Where: Chicago, IL
  • Learn More

Especially for homebuilders overseeing large, multi-building projects, lean thinking becomes an increasingly important consideration. The Lean in Design Forum hones in on the topic, helping builders, architects, designers, and engineers understand how this building approach and philosophy can transform their efficiency and productivity.

Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) 2023

  • When: July 19-20, 2023
  • Where: Orlando, FL
  • Learn More

Hosted by the Florida Home Builders Association, the SEBC proudly announces itself as the largest building industry trade show in the Southeast. Two days of learning sessions and industry briefing offer networking opportunities, while exhibitors include PropTech, home warranty, manufacturing, and financial vendors. 

From a previous attendee: “It’s a fun and natural environment. Everyone is letting loose and enjoying themselves… We picked three classes, and we haven’t stopped talking about them today.

Jeff Shore’s 17th Annual Sales & Marketing Summit

  • When: July 25-27, 2023
  • Where: Nashville, TN
  • Learn More

Even the most well-built homes will not lead to a thriving business without a strong sales and marketing component. Attend this homebuilder marketing conference to learn about generating leads, turning digital clicks into homebuyers, and building customer relationships that go far beyond the initial purchase.

The Summit is the best and most relevant training for anyone in a sales leadership role. Attending the Summit is always a great way for me to gain insights into current market conditions as well as learn ways to become a more effective and efficient sales leader.

– Carl Baker, Director of Sales & Marketing, Tresidio Homes

Greenbuild 2023 International Conference and Expo

  • When: September 26-29, 2023
  • Where: Washington, DC
  • Learn More

It doesn’t take a conference to learn how important sustainability has become in homebuilding. But it does take a conference to better understand the exact implications of this trend. Greenbuild has made a name for itself as the go-to conference for sustainable building design and construction, with a mission to “lay the groundwork for developing healthier buildings, communities, and infrastructures.”

From a 2022 Greenbuild attendee: “I’ve attended many of the panels. There were a bunch of really helpful topics discussed like decarbonization, equality, zero-waste construction sites, etc. that could really help move some of our projects forward.

BANNJ Business Showcase

It’s a more local event, but especially for builders in the tri-state area of New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, this is a great conference to attend. At the Builders’ Association of Northern New Jersey’s annual Business Showcase, you can connect directly with builders, manufacturers, and other vendors that share extensive local industry knowledge.

Home Builder 2023 Digital Marketing Summit

  • When: October 18-19, 2023
  • Where: Denver, CO
  • Learn More

Gone are the days of homebuilding sales and marketing consisting entirely of cold calls and word-of-mouth exposure. The digital marketing summit is a perfect homebuilder show to attend if you want to learn how to leverage or improve your use of channels like your website, social media, and more. Stay updated on the latest digital strategies while connecting with professionals who can help you navigate the rapidly evolving landscape.

2023 Design-Build Conference & Expo

  • When: October 29-31, 2023
  • Where: Washington, DC
  • Learn More

Both single and multi-entity homebuilders are becoming increasingly familiar with the design-build methodology that reduces a formerly linear production to a more streamlined, integrated process. The 2023 Design-Build Conference goes deep into the concept, helping you network, share best practices, and learn from peers as you look to continue building efficiencies when building homes.

TecHome Fall 2023 Builder Summit

  • When: November 6-8, 2023
  • Where: Phoenix, AZ
  • Learn More

As one of the few annual events dedicated specifically to high-volume homebuilders, The TecHome Builder Summit focuses on tech that ranges from Electronics to Home Automation, Outdoor Living, Smart Water, and more. It’s the perfect house builders show if you’re looking to refine your tech plays and connect with some of the industry’s more advanced vendors to do so.

From a 2022 attendee: “I was a first-time attendee, and I left feeling like I now have a real understanding of tech and how it currently fits into our home-building world. Also a good sense of how other builders are adopting tech and what tech is available. The educational aspect was top-notch.

Prepare To Learn and Connect at Your Favorite Homebuilder Shows and Conferences in 2023

With the COVID-19 pandemic and its many uncertainties finally in the rearview mirror, 2023 is a great year to attend homebuilder shows. Find your niche among the above, then mark your schedule and register for the events with the greatest possible chance to catch up on industry trends, make professional connections, and drive your building business forward.

Read more about homebuilding trends on our blog.

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