Sales and marketing leader conducts podcast to provide insights to up-and-coming homebuilders.

35 Sales & Marketing Leaders In Homebuilding You Should Follow & Why

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Are you just breaking into the homebuilding industry? Or have you been part of the industry for a long time? Are you ready to expand your efforts and make your mark on the world? If so, it’s important to consider the movers and shakers in the industry. These influencers are making a difference, sharing their stories. They can give you the information you need to help expand your career and take it to the next level. Check out these incredible sales and marketing leaders and the power they bring to the industry.

Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is a sales training expert who has trained home sellers to work in various market conditions, including the 2020/2021 realty boom and the 2008 recession. He has many books on the market, including “The 4:2 Formula: Getting Buyers Off the Fence and into a Home” and “Tough Market New Home Sales.

His YouTube channel offers insights into many of the questions sellers ask about key elements of property selling. These include everything from how to close the deal in a virtual market to how to better understand buyer motivation. Additionally, he focuses on how to speak to different generations as part of the sales process. 

Ryan Taft

Ryan Taft is a certified sales trainer at Shore Consulting and second on our list of sales and marketing leaders. He is a featured speaker at the 2023 Sales and Marketing Summit. Taft offers science-backed information about how people buy when they come to the real estate market. He discusses what buyers are really looking for as they search for the home of their dreams.

Ryan Taft offers active Field Coaching programs that provide greater insight into the sales process. These include access to real-life scenarios in the sales office and model homes. The coaching helps many salespeople learn how to handle any scenario that might come their way.

Chad Sanschagrin

Chad Sanschagrin’s passion for real estate and sales emerged in 2008, when he made the transition to selling homes for the first time. Since then, he has taken his spot among sales and marketing leaders as he shares that passion with others. He provides training and support that bolsters a growth mindset through Cannonball, which offers a mindset podcast that can help many home sellers transition their approach to improve sales. He encourages salespeople to learn how to make the most of key moments throughout the sales process. These moments include the essential “pause” that helps them make the most of their sales opportunities.

Alaina Money Garmin

Alaina Money Garmin is the CEO and founder of Garman Homes. Additionally, she has run the award-winning blog, Build Like a Girl, for a number of years. She is passionate not only about homebuilding but in increasing and improving the role of women in the construction industry. Alaina is familiar with the many challenges women face in the construction industry and aims to create a higher level of equality. She also shares information about leadership, including taking a leadership role in a male-dominated industry. She also shares key advice about following your passion within the construction industry.

Ronda Conger

Ronda Conger is the author of several books that encourage leadership and provide insight into navigating success in life, regardless of the industry you might choose. Her blog includes insight into everything from leadership to how to travel like a boss. She also discusses how to rise to a position of authority in the industry, and more.

She is passionate, committed, and engaged, putting her at the top of the list of sales and marketing leaders. Ronda encourages thinking better to be better. Her mindfulness strategy has helped her rise to success no matter where life may take her. She is the vice president of CBH Homes, “Idaho’s #1 Home Builder.”

Meredith Chapman

Meredith Chapman has worked as the area sales manager of K. Hovnanian Homes in Dallas, Texas for the past decade. She was named as one of ProBuilder’s top 40 under 40 for 2021. And over her time with K. Hovnanian Homes, she has sold and closed more than $20 million in sales six years in a row. In addition, she is the first female leader of K. Hovnanian Homes.

Her presence in and knowledge of the real estate industry make her a key individual to watch within the construction industry. She encourages gratitude, self-reflection, and positivity, all of which combine to make her a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry.

Craig Neal

Craig Neal is a strategist with a core message that states, “Change your condition to change your position.” As The Collaborator, he aims to create a sense of connection between the C-suite and the general population. His goal is to encourage a higher level of connection within the organization and create a better overall culture.

He notes that cultures are within people. That doesn’t just mean the people within an organization. It includes the connections you make as you grow your place in your chosen industry. Craig’s website continues the discussion around the “road to better.” He emphasizes the importance of starting a journey of taking control of your life to become a more effective salesperson.

Will Duderstadt

Will Duderstadt is the vice president and chief marketing officer at M/I Homes. This addition to our list of sales and marketing leaders is an introvert who is highly self-aware. Will offers regular insights that can help improve overall efficiency and increase capability. His blog and LinkedIn posts cover information on various topics, from consistency and scheduling to the inevitability of making mistakes and how to deal with them when they occur. He is hailed as a marketing strategist who understands the full sales journey, including how to help carry potential customers through the entire sales pipeline.

Meredith Oliver

Meredith Oliver has been described as one of the “brightest stars” in real estate. She is not just a homebuilder marketing and sales consultant. She is a speaker, author, and agency owner, all of which work together to make her a powerhouse in the homebuilding arena. It’s no surprise she’s among sales and marketing leaders. Her publications include “Click Power: The Proven System Home Builders Use to Drive More Traffic, Leads, and Sales” and “FANtastic Marketing: Leverage Your Fan Factor, Build a Blockbuster Brand, Score New Customers, and Wipe Out the Competition.” In addition, her blog covers a variety of strategies, from planning ahead and preparing for major moments to strategies that help improve overall marketing efforts.

Ralph Williams

Ralph Williams III is a self-described visionary and a new home sales expert who wants to help homebuilders increase their overall sales. He regularly offers content that helps expand sales challenges. For example, he shows sales teams how to overcome objections and how to make the homebuying journey more memorable for buyers.

Furthermore, Ralph keeps an eye on the current state of the construction industry, offering a deeper dive into current homebuying conditions and how they are impacting the market as a whole. As the CEO of Sales Solve Everything and the former Sr. Vice President of Sales at Grand Homes, Ralph has considerable experience across the homebuilding industry that he brings to all of his content and engagements.

Mollie Elkman

As the president and owner of Group Two, a full-service marketing provider for builders across America, Mollie Elkman utilizes a variety of technical and creative skills to help homebuilding brands establish their voice and place in the industry. Her publications include “The House That She Built,” which offers more information about all the people and skills that go into building a home.

She was awarded the Professional Women in Building Member of the Year designation and the Sales and Marketing Professional of the Year Award issued by the National Association of Home Builders. She’s a great addition to sales and marketing leaders worth following. On the Group Two blog, you’ll find information about how to improve marketing for homebuilders. She discusses how to protect the brand during downturns and how to better understand search engines and digital marketing.

Qadra Evans

Qadra Evans is the Director of Industry Relations at Zillow. She partners with homebuilders across the country, sharing information that can aid in building, marketing, and more. Evans regularly shares content about the homebuilding industry, including the latest changes in the industry and how people are succeeding or excelling despite the complications and challenges that may come their way.

Qadra is a member of the leadership team at The House That She Built, which aims to decrease shortages in the construction labor market and encourage female participation in an industry where they are underrepresented. Qadra also serves as a keynote speaker at many events and has offered content for webinars, sharing her experience with others who want to succeed in the construction industry.

Dennis O’Neil

Dennis O’Neil, the president of O’Neil Interactive, shares extensive content about digital marketing in the homebuilding industry. He notes a deep curiosity about the buyer experience when choosing a new property and aims to use that experience to help guide the marketing process, creating increasingly better strategies for improving the buyer experience and providing them with the content they need to make key buying decisions.

Dennis offers insights into how to improve the virtual selling experience. He discusses topics from how to create an exceptional virtual home tour to how to reach out to potential customers. Ultimately, he shows followers how to provide support for buyers as they choose their next home.

Taylor Humphrey

Taylor Humphrey has been named one of the top 40 Under 40 by Professional Builder Magazine and was named the NAHB Sales Manager/Leader of the Year for 2023. He works as the Director of Sales at Pacesetter Homes of Texas. His posted content helps share the critical difference between simply working in sales and taking the sales experience to the next level.

Taylor specializes in new home sales and project management. However, he can also help provide deeper insight into franchise relations, contract negotiation, how to effectively estimate project scope, and more. As his skills continue to rise and he develops an ever-stronger place in the industry, Taylor remains a person to watch.

Chelsea Timmons

Chelsea Timmons is the Vice President of Community Experience at Tri Pointe Homes. She was named to Professional Builder Magazine’s 40 Under 40 and has a passion for the real estate market. Chelsea regularly showcases what Tri Pointe Homes is accomplishing within local communities. She offers insight and strategies into many aspects of the homebuilding process, from information about how to design a home interior to snapshots into how to highlight the best features of a property as it goes onto the market. Chelsea focuses heavily on the team-building process and on networking within the local community, including experiences that help bring homebuilders throughout the Austin area together.

Cassian Bernard

Cassian Bernard has an extensive resume and experience. He’s been the McSAM 2022 Chair, McSAM 2021 Co-chair, and NAHB Gold Winner for Sales Manager of the Year of 2020, as well as being named to Professional Builder Magazine’s 40 Under 40 for 2020. Cassian Bernard stands out from the crowd. Since 2020, he has worked as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at M/I Homes, Inc. Cassian’s success as a marketing professional allows him to speak about many of the aspects of the homebuying process and how to effectively market to buyers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Lisa Parrish

Lisa Parrish is a passionate mentor in the homebuilding industry. She has spent more than 28 years focusing on promoting and producing the largest homebuilding industry award competitions in the nation, including PCV’s Gold Nugget Awards, BIA of Southern California’s MAME Awards, NAHB’s The Nationals, and more.

She aims to provide a high level of inspiration to others in the homebuilding industry and shares content that provides opportunities for both new and experienced builders to promote their skills, learn more about marketing, and clearly establish their place in the industry.

Cory Charles

With his transformative leadership style and sales training content, Cory Charles stands out from the crowd with a focus on shifting mindset and perspective in order to become the hero of your own story. Cory is the founder of The Superhero Mindset, which offers sales training and leadership coaching that allows homebuilders and others in the real estate industry to unleash their inner superheroes and achieve what others might consider impossible.

Cory focuses heavily on unlocking the full potential of the builder’s sales team. His incredible motivational approach helps inspire excellence as he encourages people to be their most authentic selves while learning more about the sales process as a whole.

Don Dykstra

Don Dykstra of Bloomfield Homes has built thousands of homes throughout the DFW Metroplex. Bloomfield Homes aims to make homebuyers’ dreams come true with gorgeous properties that are designed to fit the needs of those buyers: a standard of upgraded living. 

As the 4th Largest Homebuilder in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the 2021 Homebuilder of the Year in 2021, as named by the Greater Fort Worth Builders Association in 2021, Bloomfield Homes stands as a pillar of excellence in the homebuilding community. Don shares content about the Dallas/Fort Worth real estate market. He also discusses launching a homebuilding startup, finding your place in the market, and more.

Quint Lears

Quint Lears is a motivational speaker, trainer, and coach. He regularly appears at regional and national events to speak out about new home sales, branding, and building a personality for both real estate agents and businesses.

He has written several books about new home sales and marketing, including the popular “Partnering with Brokers to Win More Sales.” At Hew Home Sales, Quint offers insights, ideas, and best practices into the homebuilding and selling process, including comprehensive training and videos. He also participates regularly in events where he can share his insights with the community.

Abbie Mirata

Abbie Mirata offers a motivational platform that shares information about everything from entrepreneurship to choosing and connecting with a mentor. Her extensive experience in marketing allows her to help her clients find their own personal brand and establish who they are. As a result, she helps take them to new heights as marketing professionals.

Weekly, Abby publishes The Intrapreneur Project. She provides information to help inspire impact both within and outside your organization. Abbie focuses on making changes and providing support that can help transform the reader’s experience. Ultimately, she helps them become more effective leaders. She also offers insight into the homebuilding industry and how to become an expert within it.

Keith McKinney

Keith McKinney is a dynamic leader within the new home sales industry. As an executive at New Home Star, he offers insight into how builders can find a more effective sales team within their markets. He helps connect them to an extensive network of sellers who have the tools, training, and resources necessary to help take those sales to the next level.

Keith uses an engineered approach to sales and marketing that he shares with his followers. His insights enable them to develop their own sales skills or to build relationships within the industry. He has a passion for helping others develop their sales skills as they expand their brands.

Leah Fellows

As the CEO of Blue Gypsy, Inc, Leah works as a National Online Sales Counselor Trainer within the homebuilding industry. Since 2006, she has implemented dozens of online sales training programs designed to improve sales skills and experience.

She serves on the Sales and Marketing Council of Metro Denver and is a member of the Sales and Marketing Council Board of Trustees. On the Blue Gypsy blog, you can find information about new home sales, lead management, email marketing, and time management. She also provides inspirational tools to help you develop your own brand and take your homebuilding marketing efforts to the next level.

Kim Mackey

Kimberly Mackey is a powerhouse in sales and marketing for the homebuilding industry. She aims to provide up-to-date information about the homebuilding industry that focuses on the latest technology and tools. These include utilizing AI to improve sales efforts and taking marketing to the next level.

As the founder of New Homes Solutions and a co-host of The Sales & Marketing Power Hour, Kim shares extensive advice about utilizing technology more effectively, what communities and projects are currently shaking up the industry, and solutions to common sales and marketing problems within the homebuilding industry.

Alisa Poncher

Alisa Poncher is a business strategist, sales trainer, coach, and instructor who has a passion for new home sales and training. With more than 21 years of experience in the industry, she has seen many changes and challenges in the market. She strives to help builders understand the customer experience, navigate through periods of change and disruption, and better understand the homebuilding industry as a whole.

At Strategic Business Specialists, she works to help homebuilders transform their sales strategies to focus on the market’s and buyers’ current needs. She discusses using the latest technologies, focusing on the right metrics, and developing a custom business plan.

Stephanie McCarty

Stephanie McCarty works as the Chief Marketing Officer at Taylor Morrison. She offers insight that aids homebuilders in their search for better market strategies. McCarty believes in building brands from the inside out, including understanding the industry and the local environment and using that information to build a more effective marketing plan.

She was named a Top Woman in PR by PR News in 2019. Additionally, she was included in the Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 for 2019. She has also been named a Top Woman in Communications by Raglan Communications and PR Daily in 2020 and a Top Marketing Leader by HousignWire in 2022.

Amer Syed

Amer Syed is the Vice President of Sales at Beazer Homes, which aims to help homebuyers create their personal oasis in the home of their dreams. It offers a high level of flexibility in home designs. Amer highlights the beauty of these unique homes and strives to create a sense of connection. He often serves as a guest speaker on various platforms. He shares information about how to get past the numbers and humanize the homebuying process, creating a deeper sense of connection.

Anya Chrisanthon

Anya Chrisanthon is the Chief Brand Officer at Anewgo, which aims to connect homebuilders to prospects who are interested in the types of properties they have created. Chrisanthon hosts a podcast that covers a variety of key information about the marketing process and connecting with prospective buyers. Topics include brand evolution, sales intelligence, housing trends, and more.

She regularly brings in experts across the industry to discuss changing trends and the needs of builders across the country, including how to use AI to full advantage during the marketing process. Anya has been named to Pro Builder’s 40 Under 40 and is regularly invited to speak at industry events.

Kevin Weitzel

As one of the co-hosts of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Kevin Weitzel freely admits that he has an unconventional approach to the sales process. He is a former United States Marine as well as a former professional cyclist and Olympic alternate. Currently, he works as the Director of Business Development at ZonaHome and serves as an NSMC Board Trustee at the National Association of Home Builders. The podcast routinely shares information on a variety of topics, including how to create a better homebuyer experience and how to use AI to predict buyer behavior.

Greg Bray

Greg Bray, the president of Blue Tangerine, is a co-host of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. He uses a variety of digital marketing tactics to expand home sales and improve homebuilder websites. He has a skill for explaining complex technical topics in language that builders can easily understand. His exceptional advice and support make his podcast stand out from the crowd, putting him on the list of sales and marketing leaders.

The Blue Tangerine blog offers a variety of insights into the home-selling process. He discusses how to boost sales, improve reputation, and even utilize AI to improve overall marketing.

Donald Ruthroff

Donald Ruthroff is the founder of Design Story Spaces, LLC. He describes himself as a storyteller, a creator, and a problem-solver, and he brings those skills to his speaking engagements. Don has a people-first approach to design that helps create solutions to potential problems in people’s homes, enabling them to live according to their dreams, not an arbitrary design system.

He creates a brand-consistent design across all of his properties. However, he strives to create unique homes that people will actually fall in love with, putting him among the top sales and marketing leaders. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Don is ideally positioned to share insights and advice that can help advance homebuilding brands.

Chad Davies

Chad Davies, the owner of Davies Imaging Group, aims to maximize the impact of the homebuilding projects his team works on. He believes every property has a beating heart just waiting to be uncovered. Through his efforts, he can bring those properties to life.

Davies Imaging Group shares content that can help builders learn how to use their smartphones to effectively capture their properties and showcase everything they have to offer. The Facebook page regularly shares many of the photos captured by the group, including behind-the-scenes looks at how setup takes place.

Karyn Bonder

Karyn Bonder works as the Vice President of Business Development, Builder Sales and Marketing at Zonda. She shares information about how to build leads, tips for new construction homes, and innovation within the industry. As a speaker, she also presents the latest solutions offered by Zona. She also shows how to build more quality leads without breaking the marketing budget. Karyn also offers more details about how to forecast sales, create an effective team, and utilize current technology. Ultimately, she helps builders find their place in the industry, earning her a place among sales and marketing leaders.

David Hagan

David Hagan is the founder of Sales Uncomplicated. The company focuses on providing sales training to every member of the builder team. Hagan has worked in recruitment, training, and coaching sales teams in the homebuilding industry since 2012. Through those years, he has gained considerable motivational skills as well as the tools necessary to teach the strategies sellers need to be successful.

However, he doesn’t just focus on digital marketing techniques or bringing in leads. David also offers insight into the details of things like home furnishings and commercial furniture and how they can transform the selling process. His comprehensive focus puts him on the list of sales and marketing leaders worth following.

Taylor Burtner

Taylor Burtner is a new home expert who can help with the homebuilding process, whether buyers are moving into their first homes or transitioning to a forever home. Through his work at Manuel Builders, he has had the opportunity to observe every stage of the process. He began work as an electrician’s helper. But he has worked his way up to Director of Sales. He doesn’t just bring a high level of energy and commitment to his own role. He aims to help others grow into their careers and more effectively develop their skills.


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