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5 Homebuilder Marketing Agencies That Can Grow Your Company Online

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Homebuilders do what they do best. They build homes for people. Unfortunately, not all homebuilders know how to market their businesses so that they can build and sell more homes. Are you a homebuilder looking for an effective way to grow your business without exceeding your budget? If so, consider hiring a marketing agency to design, develop, and implement a marketing strategy with great results.

Many marketing companies out there cater to all sorts of businesses, so how do you choose? For starters, find one that is experienced in your specific industry. Homebuilder marketing agencies understand your specific marketing challenges, and if they have experience, they can provide case studies that prove the results they achieved.

We have reviewed five homebuilder marketing agencies that take homebuilders into the world of digital marketing and help them develop an online presence that brings in customers and sales.

Full Marketing Support From Blue Tangerine Helps Companies Reach Their Goals

Blue Tangerine is a very experienced homebuilder digital marketing agency. They have been helping homebuilders and other types of businesses with their websites and digital marketing strategies for over 20 years. They create and maintain custom digital marketing strategies that help homebuilders utilize effective tools to reach their audience. By looking at research, metrics, and industry trends, the marketing experts at Blue Tangerine help homebuilders grow their businesses and reach their sales goals.

Some of the digital tactics they employ in their custom marketing strategies include:

  • SEO
  • Email
  • Paid search
  • Geofencing
  • Social media
  • Amazon advertising

This company, based in Tyrone, Georgia, also offers design, development, and maintenance of websites for homebuilders. They provide full support so business managers can maintain a thriving online presence. Blue Tangerine can design a new website for businesses or work with an existing site. Their website development is focused on driving leads and increasing sales in the home building industry, and they strive to make it easy for businesses to manage their own content.

As demonstrated in this client website, Blue Tangerine uses a bold approach to attract potential customers and offers plenty of ways for customers to interact, such as links to social media channels, fun videos, and large maps with links to homes.

Bokka Focuses on Customer Experience (CX)

One of the more innovative home builder marketing companies, The Bokka Group calls itself an “experience agency for home builders.” It offers turn-key marketing services, including:

  • Development of a digital marketing strategy
  • Paid advertising and remarketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Community campaigns
  • Website design services
  • Usability testing
  • Marketing automation

Bokka was founded in 2001 and began working with homebuilders in 2005. This Denver, Colorado-based homebuilder marketing agency wanted to improve the experience for people making the largest purchase of their lives. In fact, they felt that the homebuilder industry was their calling, so they phased out all their non-homebuilder clients. The team at Bokka prefers to establish long-term relationships with their clients because they understand that transforming a company into a customer-first company takes time.

One of their clients, Holt Homes, had lots of growth but poor customer experience. The Bokka Group came in and developed a new Voice of Customer (VoC) program to drive measurable results in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Holt Homes consequently broke into the Top 100 Builder list.

Besides marketing services, Bokka offers consulting and technology services for homebuilders. It’s a good agency for homebuilders that struggle with the customer side of their business.

Group Two

Group Two is a second-generation home builder marketing agency with deep roots in the industry and the ability to continue to set marketing standards today. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Group Two is proud to partner with homebuilders nationwide.

Their services cover everything homebuilders need to reach their customers and make sales, including:

  • Strategy planning
  • Creative aspects of branding and content
  • Lead management
  • Digital services, such as website development, SEO, social media, and paid search

Take a look at the way Group Two marketed Brown Haven Homes, a homebuilder that integrates homes with the surrounding nature. The creativity and clever branding helped bring this homebuilder to the public’s attention, and it appealed to the type of people interested in buying the kind of homes Brown Haven sells.

More recently, Group Two developed a website solution for Sego Homes. This new website enables potential buyers to easily view and interact with available homes. User-friendly navigation and virtual tours make the experience enjoyable for homebuyers. In fact, Sego Homes has seen an increase of 60% more time spent on their website from organic traffic, all in the space of one year.

Group Two is a woman-owned company, and the entire team can be an incredible asset to your marketing department (or they can BE your marketing department). With over 50 years in the homebuilder marketing industry, they can give you a lot of help to increase your sales and profits.

Graphic shows different types of digital marketing available to homebuilders.

Builder Designs

If you are looking for award-winning website designs specifically created for homebuilders, check out Builder Designs. This marketing agency has always been focused on creating functional and engaging websites for homebuilders. You can choose from a custom website designed uniquely to showcase your homes or a pre-built website that gives you a quicker turnaround and lower price point than the custom option.

Builder Designs also incorporates the following marketing aspects into their projects:

  • Content strategy
  • Blogging
  • Strategy sessions
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Digital creative services

They have created many beautiful websites, such as this one for Harbor Homes. Beyond that, they have planned marketing campaigns, such as this one for a client with two major home events in the works.

Online technology is also a major aspect of maintaining a successful digital presence. Builder Designs provides homebuilders with the technology they need, including interactive floor plans, interactive maps, kiosks, build and price tools, Buy It Now features, Builder IDX, and UXPRO.

For homebuilders who need a one-stop shop for all their marketing needs now and in the future, Builder Designs provides the Builder Success Program. Looking at and analyzing data is a key part of their successful strategies to grow business.

Builder Designs is located in Olathe, Kansas, and they have been serving homebuilders in 44 states of the USA since 2008. Builder Designs understands homebuilders’ unique needs and challenges, and they offer customized packages to attract more qualified leads that result in selling homes. They think and strategize for the long-term, boosting your business through the low and high times.

A family stands in front of their home, portraying the image that a homebuilder marketing agency can use to attract potential buyers.

Graphic Language

Go beyond the typical website with Graphic Language’s services. Working in the homebuilder industry for 26 years, Graphic Language gives each of its clients a custom user experience that is extremely creative and functional. They are a technology company that creates homebuilder applications that are used across the nation. They are also proud to build long-lasting websites that have a lifespan nearly twice that of most homebuilder websites.

Graphic Language can create a sales kiosk, or find the best mobile solution. Their team knows how to drive the highest quality traffic to your website, and don’t forget that they also develop the website to suit your company. As serious thinkers in the homebuilder industry, they can develop graphics and interactive plans to help you market your homes or create an interactive lot map to help you manage your sites. Besides getting homebuilders set up with digital tools, Graphic Language also helps keep everything updated over time.

Graphic Language is located in the San Francisco Bay area, but its reach is nationwide. When you think of Graphic Language, think of interactive design, unique applications specific to the homebuilder industry, and creative online marketing.

Check out everything Graphic Language did for Fischer Homes, a leading homebuilder in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. They built a website, created a mobile solution, gave them some fantastic applications to help them keep their listings current, added CRM connectivity, provided ongoing marketing and maintenance services, and more. This resulted in the consolidation of a lot of new-home data into one cohesive home-shopping experience.

Take Marketing to a Whole New Level

Whether you are a homebuilder with a very small online presence or you are a growing homebuilder struggling to keep ahead in the digital marketing game, hiring a professional homebuilder marketing agency can really move your company forward. Consider your main marketing goals, and choose a company that has accomplished those goals for companies similar to yours. Some marketing agencies are all about numbers and analytics, while others bring in a creative aspect to make your online presence shine. Finding the right fit for your company may take some research and time. That’s okay. As you have seen in the above reviews, a good marketing strategy can increase your leads and sales more than you ever imagined. Finding the right homebuilder marketing agency for your company is worth the extra effort.

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