Intelligent Digital Assistants for Education Institutions

When potential and current students reach out digitally, AtlasRTX chatbots are there, providing them with engaging, real-time conversations anytime of day and through any channel. Our RTXperience platform enables your teams to focus on high value tasks only they can fulfill.

The result? More applications. Higher enrollment and retention. More successful students.

AtlasRTX Digital Assistants Deliver Results

100% increase

in leads generated

18% increase

in submitted applications


of staff time saved per week

60% of chats between students and schools today happen after hours. Students expect immediacy in every experience, and will look to alternative channels or institutions to fulfill those expectations.

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Built to support the entire student journey

Today's students expect a real-time experience whether they are visiting your website for the first time, or about to graduate. AtlasRTX digital assistants are developed to engage your audience throughout their journey, allowing you to provide the best experience with limited resources.

Generate 20% more leads and applications

Provide prospective students with real-time access to information and empower them to communicate on their terms, through their preferred channels. Increase inquiries and grow applications without having to add staff or resources.

Increase enrollment and reduce "summer melt"

Our automated, text-based follow-up allows your teams to build relationships with admitted students via text chat, increasing yield automatically. With competition for students at an all-time high, keeping them engaged via text is critical to ensuring students choose your campus over their other options.

Improve the student experience on and off campus

Chatbots have been proven to help higher education institutions improve retention rates by ensuring students have 24/7 access to the information and help they need while on campus.

Support your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives

By providing more students an equal access to information regardless of "normal business hours, letting non-English speaking students engage in their native language, and serving as a "judgement-free zone" for sensitive questions and topics, AtlasRTX digital assistants are changing the game for students at every socioeconomic level.

Now is the time to empower your students to engage on their terms

As the expectation for instant information climbs, digital assistants are the virtual team member you can rely on to provide consistent and accurate information about campus and student life, academic programs, financial aid, important deadlines and more via web chat or text when your human team is not available, like overnight, weekends, or on holidays.

Chatbots are proven effective tools to communicate with prospective students

Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management and Rockhurst University are using AtlasRTX smart digital assistants to double inquiries and save their staff hundreds of hours per month, while delighting their prospective and current students.

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“The amount of time our AtlasRTX chatbot spends talking with prospective students, and the number of questions our chatbot answers, would be equal to hiring three full-time staff members.”

The Purdue University digital assistant fully handles 88% of all conversations, and converts 37% more web visitors to submitted applications than web forms, 184% more than Google Ads, and 517% more than remarketing ads.

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