More Qualified Leads. Shorter Sales Cycles. Happier Residents.

When potential home buyers and renters reach out digitally, AtlasRTX digital assistants are there, providing them with engaging, real-time conversations anytime of day and through any channel. Our conversational AI platform empowers your team to focus on high value tasks only they can fulfill.

Improve the Home Buying & Renting Experience

Engage, Convert, Support

From initial online research, through model home or leasing office visit, contract signing and move-in, AtlasRTX specializes in supporting the entire real estate customer journey. AtlasRTX conversational AI assistants can help increase leads, shorten your sales cycles and increase transactions while saving your staff hundreds of hours a week, empowering them to focus on the higher-value activities only they can perform.

Increase Qualified Leads

Our digital assistants engage buyers immediately on your website in real-time, moving them more quickly down the funnel while collecting important contact information and buyer sentiment details. AtlasRTX digital assistants are proven to generate 7x more leads compared to live chat.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Our automated, text-based follow-up allows your sales team to build relationships via text chat and increase conversion rates, all from one centralized trackable platform. Visitors can self-qualify, and your sales team can focus their energy on those most likely to convert. Shorten your sales cycle by up to 50% with automated texting.

Improve Communication with Buyers

Communication between real estate company and buyer is constant up until contract signing, but big problems can pop up well after that. From issues at move-in to warranty or service problems, residents can feel helpless. It’s no fault of your human team, but the sheer volume of communication points requires automation. AtlasRTX digital assistants support your team by automating these outbound communications and answering questions automatically and autonomously.

Delight Residents Post Move-in

The AtlasRTX engagement platform not only keep new residents engaged after move-in, sending maintenance tips and reminding them of service appointments or warranty expiration, they remediate small issues before they become big problems. Turn your residents into champions and reinforce brand affinity, 24×7.

“The AtlasRTX solution allows us to communicate effectively with prospects in a timely manner and gather crucial information at several points in the sales cycle. This eliminates a lot of wasted time and speeds up the sales cycle, while ensuring we don’t miss sales due to lack of follow-up.”

Lisa Anzelone
Regional Director of Sales
HHHunt Homes

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Maximize Every Interaction

Meet the Real-Time Expectations of Today's Residential Shopper

Over 60% of interactions between consumers and brands happen outside business hours. The AtlasRTX Conversational AI Engagement Platform allows you to interact with your prospects around the clock without adding additional staff or resources.

By the Numbers

Meaningful Results for Marketing, Sales & Customer Service


More leads generated compared to live chat


More sales generated from digital assistant leads compared to live chat


Shorter sales cycles

Support for the Whole Journey

On-demand Engagement When and Where it's Needed

From choosing a community to selecting a floor plan, and finally getting keys on move-in day, real estate developers struggle to meet the 24x7, digital-first communication expectations of today's real estate shopper. AtlasRTX digital assistants give you insight into shifting residential shopper challenges and allow you to proactively reach out to prospects and residents to support them and ensure they are delighted throughout their journey.


How Real Estate Technology Is Helping To Meet Buyer and Renter Demands

Image of the Homebuilder technology whitepaper

This extensive whitepaper explores the evolving real estate market, changing consumer expectations, the 4 key challenges of selling or renting property, and how developers are implementing AI technology to transform the entire real estate market.

Digital Assistants vs Live Chat

The proof is in the data

Digital assistants deliver more qualified real estate leads and more sales in less time compared to live chat. For one leading real estate client, their AtlasRTX digital assistant is converting leads to sales 45% above average.

AtlasRTX & UTour

Self-service and AI are changing the real estate customer journey

AtlasRTX and UTour have partnered to create an exceptional home shopping experience through UTour’s self-guided model home tours and automated text-based sales follow-up using AtlasRTX's Conversational Engagement Platform.

Start Elevating the Home Shopper Journey Now with AtlasRTX Intelligent Digital Assistants

How Real Estate Technology Is Helping To Meet Buyer and Renter Demands

In this guide, we’ll cover the evolving market, the challenges that developers and rental management companies face in that market, and how real estate technology can solve those challenges.