AtlasRTX Speakers at the International Builders’ Show

This year’s International Builders’ Show has an impressive line up of speakers. At AtlasRTX we are honored to have team members, advisors, and friends among those presenting at the show. Here is information for when those affiliated with AtlasRTX will be speaking.



Disrupting The Home Buying Journey: Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Messaging & More

Wednesday, February 20 | 12:00 – 12:30 PM
Location: Tech Bytes Room, South 229
Format: Tech Bytes Session
Level of Content: Intermediate
Who Should Attend: Multifamily Builders and Developers, Single Family – Production, Single Family – Small Volume Builders
Track: Sales & Marketing


Technology has changed the way consumers behave both socially and in their retail lives. Mobile phones put information at their fingertips, and they want, and expect, everything “now”. These consumers assume a similar experience when buying a new home, but are met with a process that hasn’t changed in decades. Over the next five years, the companies that adapt and “disrupt” will be the ones to flourish. In this Tech Bytes session, examine real-world solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and mobile messaging, including text and chatbots, to provide buyers with the modern customer experience they expect, while optimizing the process throughout your company.

Office Hours: Bassam will provide one-on-one consultations and extended demos following the session. You’ll even be able to sign up via text and chatbot, giving you a feel for just a few of the topics he’ll be discussing.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the modern consumer, their behavior, and the gap between their expectations and the traditional new home sales process.
  • Explore ways of overcoming gaps with modern technology, such as artificial intelligence, chat-bots, mobile messaging over SMS texts, Web, and Facebook Messenger and more.
  • Develop a modern home buying experience that leverages these modern technologies.
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Why Design Matters: An Exploration Of How Great Design Can Influence Value & Impact Bottom Line

Tuesday, February 19 | 3:30 – 4:30 PM
Location: South 220
Format: Building Knowledge Session
Level of Content: Intermediate
Who Should Attend: Multifamily Builders and Developers, Single Family – All, Designers, Architects, Engineers and Planners
Track: Design & Community Planning


Great home design doesn’t mean it costs more; it simply means careful attention to every aspect of the home and how it lives. It is orderly and thoughtful, and the final product creates a connection between the buyer, home and greater community. All of these influences come together to be incredibly appealing—and valuable—to the buyer. In this session, hear how three home builders each approach design, why it’s at the core of every home they create, regardless of the price point, and how it influences the purchase of their homes. Explore the integration of floor plans and elevations to create a completely authentic design package that creates value and positively impact their bottom line.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Explore how great design can bring value to the homes and communities you build.
  • Analyze how to create great design at every price point.
  • Define what it means to have an authentic home design.
  • Discuss how a thoughtful approach to the design process, from floor plans to elevations to sale, can create cost-effective and still-unique designs


The Customer Experience Funnel: Best Practices For Profitability

Tuesday, February 19 | 8:30 – 11:30 AM
Location: Master Room, South 233
Format: Master Session
Level of Content: Advanced
Who Should Attend: Systems Built Home Manufacturers and Builders, Single Family – All, 55+ Housing Builders & Developers
Track: Sales & Marketing


All major aspects of the sales and building process are affected by the customer experience, making it one of the most critical elements for the success of your company. In this Master session, an expert panel will show you best practices to implement throughout the customer experience funnel—from first impression through completion of the home—and create healthier relationship that equate to larger profits. At the largest end of the funnel, we’ll examine creative, cost-effective ways to drive leads using technology, along with “old-school, high touch” tactics that your sales teams to drive their own traffic. As the funnel narrows, we’ll explore lead management tools and ways to effectively manage the critical sales to start process. We’ll also look at how to coach, support, measure and recruit sales team members. Building start to completion is where the funnel often becomes clogged, so we’ll finish by addressing leading methods and key metrics to keep customer service flowing smoothly and create happy homeowners who become eager referral sources.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn cost-effective methods to drive and convert leads to more profitable sales.
    Discover how to engage your sales team in your overall marketing strategy and hold them accountable for driving 50% of their own traffic.
  • Apply key metrics for measuring customer satisfaction and learn how to adjust, if needed, should your team and techniques not measure up.
  • Explore ways of improving your cycle time and production to create a better customer experience
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