Chatbots are the forward-thinking solution to improving higher education retention

College students are dropping out at an alarming rate. COVID-19 has caused financial, mental and emotional strain for students. Studies show that one in five students who drop out of college never go back to school. How can chatbots improve retention rates among higher education institutions?

In an article published by Forbes, retention rates in higher education institutions increased by 7% after implementing an AI-powered chatbot for their students. While recruiting new students to apply and enroll is always a key component for universities, retention has become more critical in the age of COVID.

With most schools going to online learning while limiting on-campus activities, higher education institutions will have to take the necessary steps to ensure each student is getting the help they need. Nearly 85% of students prefer to have in-person classes, so with the new normal, online classes have a poor retention rate and nearly 28% of students drop out and never return.

Higher education institutions are not set up to monitor student mental health on an ongoing basis, but technology can enable schools to make sure their enrolled students are getting the help they need when they need it.

Being able to engage with these students at any moment is a priority during the pandemic. If a school can allow a student to schedule meetings with the school counselor, admissions office, or academic advisor at any moment, it will go a long way toward improving the student experience on campus, and encourage students to return the following semester. With the help from a chatbot, schools can keep tabs on student mental health, identify trends or trouble areas based on conversation history of student engagements, and learn more about the overall well-being of their student body. In addition, an AtlasRTX chatbot can be used to send outbound messaging to students instantly; perfect for important alerts or messages. This sort of real-time engagement with students 24 hours a day can only be provided by an automated chatbot.