Demand for Texting Capabilities Continues to Rise

Every salesperson worth their salt knows that when you’re in a text relationship with a prospect, your opportunity for a sale goes way up. If you want your message read and replied to, texting is the only way to go.

Up to now, the only way to enable your sales team with texting capabilities was to give them a company cell phone. Of course, that meant that the relationships, transcripts, and contact information all resides in individual devices, giving companies zero insight into the client engagement.

At AtlasRTX, we’ve seen a surge in demand for our platform-based, CRM-integrated texting capabilities in the past year. Through our desktop and app-based platform, sales teams can use a single company phone number to engage via text with customers, establishing a direct personal relationship, but also one that can be tracked and utilized as part of the customer experience.

Only 39% of businesses report using text messaging to communicate with customers. While consumers are completely familiar with texting, businesses are slow to adopt. Businesses do see the value, however, as 84% plan to implement some sort of texting strategy in their sales and marketing efforts.

Can you afford to put off your text message strategy? Would you make the jump if you knew that the average response time of a text message is 60X faster than an email? What if you knew that SMS engagement rates are 6 to 8 times greater than email engagement? What about the fact that the average SMS campaign conversion rate was 45%?

Are you starting to see a pattern?

AtlasRTX has known that texting was king ever since we launched our first chatbot, and text capabilities has been an integral part of our chatbot solutions. Our clients have the ability to engage directly with leads and customers via text message from their dashboard on their computer, or by simply replying to an email notification. All chat transcripts, both web-based and text-based, are archived and available for managers to review at any time, even as they happen, for real-time training and feedback.

Do people want to text with businesses?

Emphatically, the data says YES! According to Nielsen, 56% of consumers would rather engage in a text conversation with a business over calling the customer service department. In fact, 80% of people already use text for business purposes, and 95% of text messages from businesses are read on average within three minutes.

💡 TAKEAWAYS: More and more consumers are shopping and engaging with businesses the same way they engage with their friends, through messaging apps. These same consumers want to text rather than return a call from a phone number they don’t know. If businesses are not set up to efficiently and effectively use this new communication channel with customers, they will quickly lose to competitors.