The 10 biggest mistakes brands are making with buyer engagement

Not texting customers

70% of buyers expect to text with businesses, but only 9% of companies are texting. What a huge, missed opportunity!

Not owning the relationship before another brand does

Most buyers decide to buy from the first brand that engages with them. If your online chat is not available, or you don’t offer a chatbot after hours, the company that can chat on the buyer’s schedule will win. Being the last to engage = the first to lose.

Not Operating 24/7

Buyers expect options around the clock with over 60% of your traffic falling on evenings and weekends. Autonomous webchat will engage buyers at once on the website 24/7/365, and automatic SMS text replies and FAQ chatbots can bridge the engagement gap and supply coverage both during and after hours.

Not enabling self-service and self-determination

Your buyers want to schedule their own appointments, experience self-guided product tours, ask questions and get answers via web chat or text, on their schedule. Add self-calendaring links and 24/7 chatbot answers via SMS text and webchat to meet the needs and timing of your buyers.

Leaving buyers hanging

Can you see and reply to inbound texts? Is your human chat turned off 80% of the time? You are leaving fruit on the vine by not enabling consistent and immediate follow-up when your buyer reaches out. Augment with an autonomous web chatbot and an SMS text chatbot to aid your team in consistent coverage. Buyers are extremely impatient and will be frustrated with long wait times for a reply. On-demand is key.

Forgetting your reputation and focusing on sales

If you focus on sales so much that your post-contract communication is substandard, you are asking for frustration, bad surveys, fewer referrals, and damaging reviews.

Not managing your message

Do you have rogue sales or customer service team members saying whatever comes to mind to buyers? Do you have templated guidelines and standards for email, but not text or web chat? Augmenting your human team with a chatbot can help ensure message consistency across all conversations, providing all prospects and buyers with the same great customer experience.

Not having visibility into your message

How do you know what buyers are hearing from your team? Do SMS text chains live on personal phones, or can you review them? Have you centralized auto-replies? Integrate with our platform to store all conversations, whether chatbot or your team’s or both, in your CRM.

Not getting direct insight into the market

Are you getting feedback from buyers when they decide to go elsewhere, or do they just drop off the radar? Is your team cherry picking who to follow up with? Are you potentially losing sales through incorrect assumptions and lack of follow up? Automate your follow-up to ensure ALL leads and buyers receive engagement to get visibility into market sentiment and avoid missing sales.

Being reactive, not proactive

Rather than trying to resolve frustrations, mismanaged messages, lost sales, poor experience, mismanaged relationships, and lack of market visibility, get ahead of the game by adding automation, integrations, and chatbots to help your team.