Want to improve sales? Improve response time

One of the major advantages of living in the digital era is that communicating with potential customers is incredibly easy and immediate. Now imagine working in an industry where finding new customers is a glaring issue, and when those customers do appear and reach out to learn more, the usual response time from your company is anything but immediate.

Playing hard to get is one thing when the leads are plentiful, but it’s another when companies are struggling to find the demand. This is the scenario senior living committees find themselves in, because senior care marketers say their biggest hurdle is increasing leads. However, when they do get a lead most marketers take one to three hours to respond. Nearly 40% of marketers take more than 12 hours to respond to leads.

Considering the optimal time to respond to a lead is within five minutes, it is safe to say senior living needs a solution to help improve response times. One of the most effective, and simplest, solutions to improve response time is to implement a web-based artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot.

A chatbot can engage with website visitors and answer questions instantly, helping prospective seniors move through the buying process more quickly.

Another major benefit a chatbot is that it can be accessed at any time of the day. Relying on a live chat or call center limits the ability of leads to get answers only during normal business hours. With a chatbot, prospective buyers can engage on their terms, when it’s most convenient. No longer will they have to leave messages, wait on hold, or wait in a lengthy queue to engage with a live chat agent.

Not only will a chatbot engage with leads at an instant but working as a virtual assistant to your marketing team, an AI-powered chatbot will improve engagement, lower response times, and provide a positive customer experience. All of this added together shortens the sales cycle and increases conversions, a win-win for any senior living community.