IBM Case Study: How digital assistants are closing equity gaps in higher education

The modern student expects immediate results and real-time experiences, whether it’s a phone call with a staff member at two in the afternoon or a chat session with a digital assistant at two in the morning.

Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management and Rockhurst University turned to AtlasRTX, an IBM Business Partner, to implement digital resources capable of communicating with anyone, at any time.

AtlasRTX uses a combination of AI, digital assistants and human teams to help universities facilitate meaningful engagement with their students. “Our philosophy is that humans and digital assistants work better together,” says Mike Bills, President at AtlasRTX. “We want virtual and human resources working in tandem to give students the best service possible.”

With the AtlasRTX conversational AI engagement platform, institutions like Purdue and Rockhurst can assign responsibilities to their digital assistants and staff based on their needs at the time. As Bills notes, “Digital assistants are better suited for certain functions, like answering frequently asked questions, while university staff are more equipped to handle later-stage engagement, like bringing students in for a campus visit.”

Read the full case study on how AtlasRTX and IBM Watson Assistant are helping college prospects communicate on their own terms, or download a PDF version of this higher education case study.