How Esperanza Homes zeroes in on prospective buyers and converts more appointments into contracts

Purchase rate after model home visit and SalesRTX automated follow-up
Response rate to post-model home visit text follow-up messages
Purchase rate when SalesRTX automatically re-engaged stale buyers after 30 days

Esperanza Homes, a builder based in Texas, needed to zero in on prospective buyers, gain valuable market insights into their preferences, and save staff time.

To accomplish all of these, Esperanza is leveraging the power of SalesRTX, the AtlasRTX SMS-based sales followup solution, to more efficiently and effectively reach home shoppers.

Web visitors and the Esperanza sales team seem to love the new chatbot.

  • 1 in 3 web visitors will initiate an automated conversation
  • The chatbot is generating 8 new leads per 1,000 visitors, double the industry average
  • Of leads that self-reported a 9 or 10 interest level, 36% purchased
  • SalesRTX was used to re-engage buyers who had stopped responding. 9% of stale buyers that responded “I’m still in the market” after 30 days completed a purchase

“Our automated model home follow-up has allowed us to take the guess work out of engaging with prospects that are ready to take action. When we can direct our efforts toward those higher-quality buyers, our sales team is more effective and efficient at turning leads into buyers.”

Anissa Leverett, VP of Marketing, Esperanza Homes

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