How HHHunt engages interested buyers immediately and future-proofs its sales team with an AtlasRTX Digital Assistant

Response rate on first-time visit follow-up messages
Past prospect response rate

What were the problems HHHunt needed to solve?

We needed to create an easy and consistent practice of immediate first visit follow-up. Statistics show that the customer is much more engaged and emotional about the home purchase immediately following the model visit, yet the majority of sales teams tend to wait days or weeks to follow up after first visits. We know that the longer it takes to follow up, the less engaged the customer is and the more likely they are to move on to other builders or other priorities. In addition, our CRM follow up process relied heavily on email communication, which is no longer the preferred way for most customers to communicate. We knew our follow up process was dated and we were losing ground with potential buyers.

What was the impact of those problems?

Sales teams lose sales and cycle time when they wait too long to follow up or if they are use dated methods of follow-up. And conversely, the hours spent sending emails to those who are not interested in buying were a waste of time that could be diverted to those who are interested in buying after the first visit.

Did you try other solutions before AtlasRTX?

For years, we used a sales follow-up system of activity reminders programmed into our CRM based on the customer rating. The follow up activities required heavy use of customizable email templates, which were time-consuming and less likely to illicit a response than text. And over time, sales team adoption levels dropped increasingly. We have recently revamped our entire process and we start with the First Visit Atlas rating then move on to a more progressive follow up program based on information gathered from the First Visit Atlas bot interaction.

“The AtlasRTX solution allows us to communicate effectively with prospects in a timely manner and gather crucial information at several points in the sales cycle. This eliminates a lot of wasted time and speeds up the sales cycle, while ensuring we don’t miss sales due to lack of follow-up.”

Lise Anzelone | Regional Director of Sales, HHHunt Homes

But the market is booming in 2021… why implement a chatbot now?

Anyone who has been in the homebuilding business for the last 15-20 years knows that our business is cyclical. Consistent and timely follow up is a core best practice for any successful sales professional. And as we know, a busy market hides poor sales habits and makes us think we have no competition. But even in a strong market, you are losing buyers to other builders and it’s important to know why.

The SalesRTX chat bot gives us objective information about how our customers perceive us and what we are missing. Prospects respond to a chatbot message from the ‘brand’ quickly and honestly. And bottom line, the SalesRTX process saves the sales team precious time. It allows us to identify our true buyers quickly in any market.


How did the implementation go?

The technical implementation was seamless. Sales leaders were able to test the programs with the Atlas team and play with responses before rolling the tools out to the sales team.   


How would you describe the work effort required of your team?

The beauty of AtlasRTX is that once  the team understands the tool, it takes very little effort for them to reap benefits from the programs. There’s a short learning curve as the teams learn how to navigate the app, website and Atlas usage in the CRM and create the best way to quickly document that information via changed rating and Lasso notes.


How long did it take after implementation for you to start seeing results?

Our team saw results immediately. It was so exciting to create Past Prospect text campaigns and suddenly get feedback from hundreds of formerly disengaged prospects. All at once, we knew exactly who was still in the market and who was not. And we found out where we lost sales and where those prospects bought. It has also been wonderful to see the positive feedback from prospects after their visits and to celebrate sales team experiences in a new way. Our sales teams were amazed at the response rates they got from the bot.


What were the most valuable results?

The ability to quickly gather accurate information about where a buyer is in the sales process with us after first visit. This eliminates a lot of wasted time and speeds up the sales cycle, while ensuring we don’t miss sales due to lack of follow-up.

“What is also so refreshing is that the AtlasRTX team is absolutely committed to client satisfaction. You truly feel like you are their most important client when working with them. They have treated us like gold during the entire experience and I look forward to working with the Atlas team for a long time. ”

Lise Anzelone | Regional Director of Sales, HHHunt Homes

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