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How Purdue University generates more high-quality applicants while saving staff time

of chatbot-influenced applications converted into deposited confirms
Chatbot engagement-to-application conversion rate
Conversations handled completely by the chatbot
2021 increase in submitted applications generated by chatbot engagement

The Purdue University Krannert School of Management has been looking to increase student enrollment. Purdue needed help:

  • Engaging with Gen Z and “cuspers” in a customer-preferred interface.
  • Opening a new, interactive communications channel with a growing global audience of prospective students, managed by a small internal team.

The Krannert School implemented an AtlasRTX web-based chatbot on all their Master’s degree-related pages. Their chatbot:

  • Converts more prospective students into applicants through 24/7/365, automated, guided conversations.
  • Helps users find information faster with context awareness. The chatbot knows which program page the user is on, and asks the user what they’d like to know about that particular program.
  • Collects contact information for follow-up by the Purdue University admissions staff.
“The amount of time our chatbot spends talking with prospective students, and the number of questions our chatbot answers, would be equal to hiring three full-time staff members.”

Dan Gaines, Associate Director of Marketing | Purdue University Krannert School of Management

Since launching their chatbot in 2019, the Krannert School of Management has seen incredible engagement with the bot. For 2020 YTD, 1 in 5 prospective students who engaged with the chatbot submitted an application, and of those applications, over half were accepted; proving a higher quality of applicants being captured by the chatbot.

The impact of Krannert’s digital assistant increased dramatically in 2021 with a +5% increase in conversions to application submission.

With COVID ushering in the increased reliance on virtual meetings (Acuity), the chatbot enhancements of automated SMS follow-up resulted in 100 re-engagements via online meetings from April-August 2021, which was 12.8% of such engagements during that span.

In 2021, Purdue saw the biggest chatbot conversion growth from our online program offerings. Nearly 20% of chatbot engagements with online candidates converted into submitted applications.

Thanks to their chatbot, the Krannert School of Management has been able to scale recruiting efforts without increasing staff and allowing their small team to focus on high value tasks instead of answering repetitive questions.

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