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How Rockhurst University saves hundreds of employee hours through automation

Increase in Fall 2022 inquiries since digital assistant launch
Engagement rate with the chatbot on the school's admissions page
Increase in undergraduate inquiries for all entry points
Employee hours saved per month

Faced with increasing competition in recruiting, Rockhurst University needed to find a way to engage with prospective students and parents at the moment they were searching for information, no matter the time of day. They also wanted to create a more positive experience for visitors by getting visitors to that information faster.

AtlasRTX implemented EduBot, our specialized undergraduate chatbot, across the Rockhurst website. This chatbot:

  • Engages in real-time with prospective students 24 hours a day
  • Provides real-time, two-way translation in 100+ languages
  • Answers frequently asked questions about undergraduate studies
  • Converts more prospects into applications than standard web forms
  • Allows for human engagement farther down the decision-making process

“Our Rockhurst chatbot, ‘Kaycee’, has been instrumental in answering our visitors’ questions. Kaycee is a powerful shortcut resulting in a more positive experience for our website as a whole.”

Dave Hunt, Director of Marketing | Rockhurst University

Since implementing their digital assistant, Rockhurst has seen incredible engagement with Kaycee, which has resulted in a meaningful increase in inquiries to the University. Their digital assistant has helped to increase new student inquiries by 37%, and a total undergraduate inquiry growth of over 200%. 

In fact 33% of all web visitors to rockhurst.edu initiate a conversation with the chatbot, and 67% of those who reach the admissions page will engage with the bot. This results in over 100 daily conversations between the bot and web visitors. Thanks to their AI-powered chatbot, Rockhurst University has been able to save over 260 employee hours every month.

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