AtlasRTX is working hard to align its policies and practices with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This page provides a high-level summary. Please contact with any questions.


The GDPR is a comprehensive data protection law that came into effect on May 25, 2018. It replaced existing EU law to strengthen the protection of “personal data” and the rights of the individual. It’s a single set of rules which governs the processing and monitoring of EU data.


AtlasRTX can be configured to collect consents via chat prior to collecting any personal data. AtlasRTX is able to determine if consent was given and act accordingly.

How AtlasRTX Handles The Data It Collects
AtlasRTX, as a Data Processor, collects and stores a minimum of Personal Data only as instructed by our Customer, the Data Controller, for the purposes of delivering the AtlasRTX Services.

AtlasRTX collects, processes and stores Personal Data about people who chat with the Customer via AtlasRTX, only as directed by the Customer. AtlasRTX does not sell any Contact Data collected on behalf of the Customer or market AtlasRTX Services to the Customer’s site visitors.


Customer’s end-user customers or prospects

Customer’s employees or other authorized users or administrators of AtlasRTX



Contact information (email address and phone number)

IP Address – AtlasRTX will only use the IP address for data enrichment, i.e. to determine if it is associated with a business to give additional information regarding that business (i.e. industry and # of employees).

Cookie Data

AtlasRTX will only use cookies to track the activities of your site visitors within your site, e.g. whether they visited a particular page

AtlasRTX will NOT track users across domains or build profiles

Security Safeguards And Data Subject Rights
We have in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to keep your data secure. All data is securely stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

We have processes in place to honor data subject requests. AtlasRTX will export, correct, or delete Contact Data upon request by the Customer. If we receive a request directly from a Data Subject, we will work with the Customer to honor the request. Data subject requests can be emailed to