Ready. Set. Go.

Onboarding with Atlas takes weeks, not months

While some projects may fall outside of the typical timeframes below, all implementations follow the same proven four-stage process.

Project Initiation

We begin every project by making sure that all parties fully understand the current business challenge we are trying to solve, quantifying what success of the program will look like and outlining the real-time experience program to be deployed.

Program Setup

During this stage we design and customize the program, handle integrations with existing tech stacks and build the program.

Program Deployment

This is where we stage and validate the solution, enable and train users, deploy a “soft launch” of the program and monitor performance.

Initial Program Optimization

Here our client delight team will set up your first XBR where together we will review performance metrics and KPIs, suggest and test optimization tactics and analyze conversations for BotIQ training. At the end of this stage we are in “hard launch.”

Rinse. Repeat.

We never stop evaluating, optimizing and enhancing our chatbots!

An easy lift for your team

Our technology is sophisticated and complex, deploying it is not.

If you are deploying our web chatbot, we will provide you with a JavaScript snippet used to enable the chatbot. Simply place this snippet on each page where you would like the chatbot to appear.  Our chatbots are context aware, meaning the bot will greet a visitor differently depending on which page they are on and what meta tags have been deployed on that page.

Integration with your existing tech stack

Our platform works with your existing software to provide a full transcript of the conversation and/or contact information. We proudly support integrations with today’s top systems, plus our generic CRM adapter allows clients with a custom or otherwise not-yet-supported CRM to create their own custom integration. And, with sFTP integration, data is synced between AtlasRTX and your systems on a preset timed schedule.

CRM Integrations

Ecosystem Integrations

LMS Integrations

Experiential Integrations

SIS Integrations

Call Center Integrations

Enterprise grade platform

Our cloud based SaaS platform is enterprise grade and subject to industry best practice and rigor.

Uptime and availability

Our chatbots offer 99% uptime and multiple redundancy systems ensure your bot is always available for your customers

Cyber Security

Data security is of critical importance; therefore we take necessary precautions to ensure your customer's data is protected.

ADA Compliance

Our team makes sure your chatbot complies with all ADA regulations, from font size to color contrast.


Your customers demand privacy when they conduct business online, and we take that very seriously.

Deferred Loading

We keep our systems, and your website, optimized by loading code only when necessary

For detailed documentation in any of these areas please feel free to contact us.

AtlasRTX chatbots are trusted by the world's biggest brands to provide an engaging, real-time customer experience 24/7/365.

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