The AtlasRTX Conversational Engagement Platform for Higher Education

Engage prospective students through interactive, on-demand web chat. Continue the conversation seamlessly through text message. Our AI-powered digital assistants are built to support the entire student journey.

Recruiting & Admissions

Generate more Inquiries and Applications

Provide prospective students with real-time access to information and empower them to communicate on their terms, through their preferred channels. Increase inquiries and grow applications without having to add staff or resources.

Increase prospective student inquiries

With so many options for incoming college students, and an increasingly-easy application process, how do you stand out from the competition? Capture the eyeballs, and information, of your prospective students with an engaging, always-on digital assistant.

Grow qualified applications

Students who engage with a digital assistant are more likely to submit an application and a deposit, and more likely to be on your campus in the fall. Start conversations with prospective students automatically on your website and continue those conversations seamlessly via text.

Empower students to engage on their terms

Gen Z students much prefer text and chat over phone calls or even email. With shortening attention spans, “normal business hours” do not apply anymore. Students are looking for immediate answers and are not willing to wait for an answer.

Communicate effectively, in any language

Only AtlasRTX digital assistants can speak fluently in over 100 languages, automatically. Your admissions team can chat live with prospective students around the world with real-time language translation.​


Increase Enrollment and Reduce "Summer Melt"

Our automated, text-based follow-up allows your teams to build relationships with admitted students via text chat, increasing yield automatically. With competition for students at an all-time high, keeping them engaged via text is critical to ensuring students choose your campus over their other options.

Reduce summer melt

Students often apply to between 3 and 8 schools. Chances are if they were accepted into your institution, they also were accepted into others. Automation helps combat summer melt and counteract the decreased resources available to admissions departments.

Improve new student communication

Once they've been admitted, students don't hear much from your institution. With a digital assistant, you can stay in constant contact via text, a communications channel preferred over all others.

Keep your incoming students excited

By using automated text messages, you can keep students informed about their upcoming first semester. Encourage them to sign up for student groups, tell them about life on campus, and prepare them for their first day.

Pandemic-proof student engagement

Only AtlasRTX digital assistants offer an automated, consistent and trustworthy way to communicate with students during pandemics, when information is changing rapidly and staff is limited.


Improve the student experience on and off campus

Our digital assistants are proven to help higher education institutions improve retention rates by ensuring students have 24x7 access to the information and help they need while on campus.

Empower advisors and counselors

Academic counselors and advisors are essential to institutions achieving their retention and graduation goals. At many institutions, the ratio of students to advisors exceeds 350 to 1. Providing an automated, AI-powered tool to answer the majority of student questions helps free up your staff for higher level activities.

Offer 24x7x365 "Office Hours"

Many students due to work and family obligations simply can’t come to campus during standard business hours and are thus cut off from student services which jeopardizes their academic progress. Our digital assistants are available 24x7, speak 100+ languages, and integrate into your SIS.

Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

An AtlasRTX digital assistant can open up access to student services for “non-traditional” students, helps them with their academic progress, creates an environment where it’s safe and comfortable to ask sensitive questions, and speaks in the student’s chosen language.​

Support student mental health

Attending a college or university can be mentally difficult, even before COVID-19. With uncertainty around virtual or in-person classes, mask mandates, and changing rules, student mental health is critical to their success. Keep tabs on your students automatically via text message with an AtlasRTX digital assistant.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Level the playing field for all students

By providing more students an equal access to information regardless of "normal business hours, letting non-English speaking students engage in their native language, and serving as a "judgement-free zone" for sensitive questions and topics, AtlasRTX digital assistants are changing the game for students at every socioeconomic level.

Equal Access to Information

Working students are not able to seek help from counselors or administrators during "normal business hours". A digital assistant levels the playing field, providing equal access to information 24x7 to keep students engaged and in school.

Language Inclusion

Your human staff is rarely bilingual, let alone fluent in 100+ languages. For international and ESL students, language is a devastating barrier. AtlasRTX digital assistants remove this barrier, automatically translating conversations into the student's preferred language.

Judgement-free Zones

Often, students from diverse backgrounds are dissuaded from reaching out for fear of judgement — whether that’s uncomfortable financial discussions or personal questions about why they are missing school deadlines. Digital assistants allow students to get the answers they need without explanations or reluctance.

Foster Relationships

AI-powered digital assistants provide engaging, empowering, and effective experiences that help foster relationships and drive inclusivity. As they continue to evolve through optimization by human experts, these digital assistants can remember students regardless of platform and even greet them by name, nurturing success for all students.

Start Elevating the Student Journey Now with AtlasRTX Intelligent Digital Assistants