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Revolutionize the way you connect with donors and optimize fundraising strategies to achieve big results.

With our AI-powered digital assistants, your institution can unlock the potential for enhanced donor experiences, streamlined operations, and significant impact.

Increase Alumni Participation

Track and target alumni with personalized engagement, impact stories, donor recognition, feedback collection and more.

Foster Meaningful Connections

Create strong connections and evoke a sense of loyalty and pride with your donors.

Cultivate Donor Relationships

Easily build relationships of trust, engagement, and partnership.

Enjoy Measurable Results

Know exactly how your investment contributes to the success of your advancement program.


Meet donors where they are at 24/7/365 making engagement seamless.


Personalize messaging and outreach to maximize response rates.

AtlasRTX offers AI-powered solutions designed to enhance donor engagement and fundraising efforts.

With AtlasRTX you will personalize donor interactions via text, automate touchpoints, and offer tailored suggestions to your Alumni.

You’ll enhance donor experiences, streamline operations, and maximize fundraising goals. Imagine revolutionizing your outreach, engaging donors like never before, and achieving remarkable success with AtlasRTX.

How Does AtlasRTX Transform Engagement and Fundraising?

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increase in donor engagement and participation rates
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hours of team time saved per month
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of conversations are handled completely by the digital assistant
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reduction in fundraising costs
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of conversations happened outside business hours
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languages available to engage with website visitors 24/7/365

We understand the challenges advancement leaders face, from hitting fundraising goals to donor retention and acquisition.

Give Donors What They Expect:

Unlock the potential of AI-powered donor engagement with AtlasRTX.