AtlasRTX for Homebuilding

More Leads. Better Follow-up. Happy Customers.

When potential home buyers reach out digitally, AtlasRTX chatbots can be there providing them with engaging, real-time conversations. Enabling your team to focus on high value tasks only they can fulfill.

Support for the entire customer journey

With an AtlasRTX chatbot, your customers will have interactive access to the information they need, 24/7 on the web. The conversation can continue through text for a more personalized experience with your sales agents.


Generate more qualified buyer leads 24 hours a day

Engage buyers immediately on your website through automated interactive chat, moving them more quickly down the funnel while collecting important contact information and buyer sentiment details.


Build relationships through automated text and real-time chat

Our automated, text-based follow-up allows your sales team to build relationships via text chat and increase conversion rates, all from one centralized trackable platform. Visitors can self-qualify, and your sales team can focus their energy on those most likely to convert.


Delight your customers and reinforce brand affinity after the sale

AtlasRTX service chatbot programs not only keep customers engaged, and remind them of service appointments, they remediate small issues before they become big problems.

Self-guided home tours with automated text follow-up

AtlasRTX and UTour partner to bring forward-thinking homebuilders a new way to enhance the home buying experience. Through UTour’s self-guided model home tours and automated text-based sales follow-up using AtlasRTX chatbots, you can provide an exceptional home shopping experience and priceless peace of mind for everyone.

Solutions designed for your business

Production Homebuilders

Custom Homebuilders

Multi-Family Developers

Human knowledge engineers expert in your industry

Driven by client delight, AtlasRTX is a company that thinks differently. We’re not software as a service, we’re service as a service. We proactively communicate. We consult. We continually optimize. AtlasRTX takes a sophisticated approach to technology, but offers a rewarding experience to our clients, their staff, and customers by putting them first. AI is hard, AtlasRTX is easy. 

Scott Coccaro

Director, Client Delivery

Kimber Gabryszak

Homebuilder Client Development

Sean Cochrane

Director, Client Engineering

Kaisha Simmons

Associate Client Engagement Manager

How HH Hunt engages interested buyers immediately and future-proofs its sales team with an AtlasRTX chatbot


Response rate on first-time visit follow-up messages


Past prospect response rate

Integrations with your existing tech stack

Our chatbot platforms work with your existing software to sync your data and save you time, allowing your team to focus on providing the best student experience.

AtlasRTX gets results


More leads per web visitor vs live chat


Reduction in lead-to-sale time compared to all other lead sources


More sales per lead compared to live chat


Faster conversion from web visit to model home visit

AtlasRTX chatbots are trusted by the world's biggest brands to provide an engaging, real-time customer experience 24/7/365.

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