AI-powered chatbots for customer service

When your customers need service or guidance, they want it in real-time, with human escalation.

Proactive engagement

AtlasRTX allows for brands to proactively engage their customer base to learn about what’s going well and what could use improvement, and work to mitigate any issues quickly.

Rapid problem resolution

Automatically receive and route customer service requests so they can be resolved quickly.

Automated appointment scheduling

Schedule, confirm and reschedule appointments via text message 24 hours a day. Missed appointments? Don't worry If a resident misses their appointment, our software will automatically reach out to connect and reschedule if appropriate.​

Consistency & reliability

When you can depend on a virtual team member to provide the most accurate information every time, that’s peace of mind. When you know they’ll never have a bad day or call in sick, that’s dependability.

Build Buyer Trust

Following up with Purchasers after contract should be the most important process to follow, however it is the one that is most often overlooked.

Why AtlasRTX?


More leads per web visitor vs live chat


Reduction in lead-to-sale time compared to all other lead sources


More sales per lead compared to live chat


Faster conversion from web visit to model home visit

How HH Hunt engages interested buyers immediately and future-proofs its sales team with an AtlasRTX chatbot


Response rate on first-time visit follow-up messages


Past prospect response rate

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AtlasRTX chatbots are trusted by the world's biggest brands to provide an engaging, real-time experience 24/7/365.

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