Integrations with your existing tech stack

Our chatbot platforms work with your existing software to sync your data and save you time, allowing your team to focus on providing the best customer experience.

From customer data to customer experience

Every conversation between your bot and a prospective customer is a treasure trove of data for your marketing, sales and customer service teams. By providing a full history of every user’s actions, including viewed products, messages, and contact information, your teams are empowered to provide a positive customer experience and close more deals.


Connect Salesforce and AtlasRTX to get all of your conversations into your CRM.


Connect Hubspot and AtlasRTX to get valuable customer information and personalize outreach.


Connect Lasso and AtlasRTX for insights into the activities of your prospects.

Microsoft Dynamics

Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your AtlasRTX chatbot for full chat transcripts and customer data in one place.

Generic CRM Adapter

Allows clients with a custom or otherwise not-yet-supported CRM to create their own custom integration.

sFTP Integration

Data is synced between AtlasRTX and the client’s systems on a preset timed schedule. 

A perfect fit with your MarTech solutions

As one important piece of the puzzle, AtlasRTX seamlessly connects to the leading martech providers, allowing you to offer the experience your customers demand.