Your Complete Guide to Improving the Student Journey

Learn how you can increase:
  • Enrollment
  • Engagement
  • Student Success
This free playbook for higher education gives you the tips and information to improve the whole student experience.

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“The amount of time our AtlasRTX chatbot spends talking with prospective students, and the number of questions our chatbot answers, would be equal to hiring three full-time staff members.”

Help your team engage more effectively with prospective students by downloading this free playbook

Universities that utilize chatbot technology can decrease the effects of summer melt by over 20%.

From improving new student inquiries and submitted applications, to increasing yield, to creating a great student experience on campus, an automated chatbot can help your teams work more effectively and efficiently.

Increase Qualified Applications

Chatbots are proven to increase new student leads improve the number and quality of submitted applications by creating a uniquely positive experience on your website 24 hours a day.

Improve Yield and Reduce Summer Melt

With students often applying to 10 or more schools, competition for enrollment is overwhelming. Ensure accepted students show up on the first day of classes by automatically engaging with them via text.

Create a Positive Student Experience

The ratio of students to academic counselors on a typical campus can often be 350 to 1. Learn how your student services teams can stay connected with each student throughout their four years on campus.

“Our AtlasRTX chatbot, ‘Kaycee’, has been instrumental in answering our visitors’ questions. Kaycee is a powerful shortcut resulting in a more positive experience for our website as a whole.”