Your Complete Guide to Improving the Senior Living Buyer Journey

Learn how you can:
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Lower your cost-per-lead
  • Delight residents post contract signing

This free playbook for senior living gives you the tips and information to improve the whole resident experience.

Download the free Chatbots for Senior Living Playbook Now

Help your team engage more effectively with prospective residents by downloading this free playbook

Senior living communities that utilize chatbot technology can decrease costs-per-lead and shorten the sales cycle.

From increasing new resident inquiries 24/7/365, to improving conversion rate from prospect to resident, and delighting residents post-contract, AtlasRTX chatbots support your sales, marketing and customer service teams as a virtual assistant.

Generate more qualified leads 24 hours a day

Engage potential residents immediately on your website through automated interactive chat, moving them more quickly down the funnel. Lower your cost-per-lead significantly by engaging visitors 24 hours a day, automatically.

Build relationships through automated text and real-time chat

Our sales chatbot program automated text-based sales follow-up solution allows your sales team to build relationships with your web visitors via text chat and increase conversion rates, all from one centralized trackable platform. Visitors can self-qualify, and your sales team can focus their energy on those most likely to convert.

Delight your residents and reinforce brand affinity after the sale

New residents have made a huge life decision; to sell their home and sign a contract to become one of your residents. AtlasRTX service chatbot programs not only keep residents engaged after contract signing, and remind them of important dates and deadlines, they remediate small issues before they become big problems.