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AtlasRTX Partners with Instructure to Provide AI-Powered Digital Assistant, Serving More than 30 Million Students

PARK CITY, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AtlasRTX™ (www.atlasrtx.com), a leading AI-powered digital assistant SaaS solution building sophisticated real-time experiences, announced today a successful partnership with Instructure (www.instructure.com), a leading global education technology company supporting more than 30 million students, to seamlessly engage parents, teachers and students via web chat in over 100 languages 24/7, 365 days a year.

“Without our AtlasRTX digital assistant handling many of our inquiries, we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of service our customers deserve”

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Through the AtlasRTX digital assistant, millions of parents, teachers and students who use Instructure’s Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), are supported autonomously with password and login issues, distance learning resources, Canvas Community questions, and frequently asked questions. Instructure’s digital assistant has averaged more than 12,000 conversations per month since its launch in January 2021, with more than half of all conversations occurring outside normal business hours. In addition, Instructure is generating B2B sales leads through their chatbot at an average 10 percent conversion rate, nearly four times the industry average. The digital assistant intelligently routes conversations from both business and student support inquiries, ensuring that only qualified leads are submitted.

“Without our AtlasRTX digital assistant handling many of our inquiries, we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of service our customers deserve,” said Michelle Suzuki, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Instructure. “We needed a solution that would satisfy many needs, be affordable and easy to architect and manage. With AtlasRTX, many inquiries that previously required human responses are now being handled through automation, leaving the more complex inquiries to be routed through proper human contacts and departments in real-time.”

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and optimized by experts, AtlasRTX is a comprehensive end-to-end customer chat solution that offers the most engaging and natural experience available today via web chat, text, What’s App, and Facebook Messenger through automatically recognized multi-lingual translation, consistent messaging, effortless customer integration, and real-time data and insights.

“My talented team’s vision for AI and automation is creating amazing real-time experiences that are engaging and empowering,” said Bassam Salem, Founder and CEO of AtlasRTX. “Today’s consumers expect a digital assistant that is compelling and effective- this requires human expert optimization. AtlasRTX believes that AI and humans are better together.”

AtlasRTX uses BotIQ® and BotEQ® standards to measure the intelligence quotient (IQ) and the emotional intelligence (EQ) of the digital assistant, enabling quantifiable training opportunities and improving the customer experience. The advanced AI technology is built by a team of human engineers who continually optimize the performance of the platform to empower humans and employees to focus on more complex tasks, leaving digital assistants to manage more repetitive functions.

The cloud-based ‘Service as a Service’ platform is easy to deploy, enabled with the highest data security, and is trusted by many of the world’s largest brands including Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Dell Technologies, KB Home, Vanderbilt University, Purdue University, and others. With very few businesses afforded the opportunity to staff employees outside of normal business hours, intelligent chatbots and digital assistants are providing engaging and empowering experiences between brands and their customers. Learn more about AtlasRTX here: www.atlasrtx.com.

About AtlasRTX

Founded in 2016 in Park City, UT, AtlasRTX is the leading AI-powered digital assistant solution, building sophisticated Real-Time Experience programs for global enterprise organizations such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Dell Technologies, and Purdue University’s Krannert School of Business, among others. AtlasRTX’s RTX platform combines advanced AI digital assistants, messaging and human-augmented engagement to transform the way brands connect with, and delight, their customers.

AtlasRTX is a privately held company within Mindshare Ventures and is based in Park City, Utah. For more information, visit www.atlasrtx.com.


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