Smarter lead generation through 24/7 automated web chat

Our automated web-based chatbots are designed to engage your website visitors the moment they hit your site, guiding them toward providing contact information for sales followup, setting appointments or converting into a customer. MarketingRTX web chatbots can handle numerous conversations simultaneously, 24 hours a day, while providing real-time, two-way translation into over 100 languages.
Employee hours saved by AtlasRTX chatbots every month
Reduction in lead-to-sale time compared to all other lead sources
AtlasRTX chatbots are generating up to 7x more web leads than live chat

AtlasRTX AI-powered chatbots empower your audience to engage on their terms

MarketingRTX will supercharge your website investment by allowing prospective customers to decide when and how to engage in conversations.

An unprecedented level of web visitor engagement

Real-time customer conversations

Increase web leads by 700%

Intelligently guide your website visitors

Improve the customer experience by using AI to direct visitors quickly to the answers they seek

Context aware, page-specific responses

As your customers browse your website, your chatbot follows, providing the right answers to questions every time

24/7 engagement in over 100 languages

Enable your customers to shop on their time, on their terms, and in their preferred language

Better, faster conversions

Support your sales team with more qualified leads

Higher-qualified website leads compared to all other sources

Leads coming through an AtlasRTX chatbot are more qualified and more likely to convert than leads from all other sources, allowing you to sell more in less time.

Shorten the contact-to-contract time to grow revenue

A lengthy sales cycle has a real cost, in time and dollars. AtlasRTX chatbots help shorten this time so you can generate more revenue faster.

Provide your sales team with the right information at the right time

When leads are ready to engage with your sales team, our chatbots provide a full conversation history including buyer preferences. Close deals in less time, with less effort.

Customer-driven marketing

Stop operating under "normal business hours" and put your customer in the driver's seat

Turn your website into a 24/7 "always open" marketing machine

Over 50% of all chatbot conversations happen after hours. An AtlasRTX chatbot allows your business to be "open" 24 hours a day, engaging with potential customers on their terms.

Speak fluently in your customer's preferred language

AtlasRTX chatbots will translate conversations in real-time, in over 100 languages. Empower your global audience to engage in their preferred language automatically.

Engage your audience on familiar communication platforms

Today's consumer prefers to chat and text, not talk on the phone or in person. AtlasRTX chatbots allow the kind of "self-service" shopping experience customers demand, while also allowing a sales person to engage at the right moment.

Chatbot conversations happening outside normal business hours
Chatbot conversations happening automatically on a daily basis
Conversations handled completely by the chatbot without human involvement