Build relationships through automated text and live chat

Our SalesRTX automated text-based sales followup solution allows your sales team to build relationships with your web visitors via text chat and increase conversion rates, all from one centralized trackable platform. With SalesRTX, your website visitors can self-qualify, and your sales team can focus their energy on those most likely to convert.

SalesRTX text messages that are read within 2 minutes
Average response rate to SalesRTX text messages
Reduction in contact-to-contract time for select SalesRTX users

AtlasRTX texting solutions support your sales team with automated, 24/7 followup

SalesRTX takes pesky sales follow-up out of the hands of sales teams and allows prospective customers to engage with your brand on SMS text and messaging platforms that are already part of their everyday. With relevant, on-demand, two-way conversations, SalesRTX allows for brand engagement anytime, in 100+ languages, without the need for around-the-clock staff.

Empower your customer to engage with your brand on their terms

Seamless conversations between web and text

Reduce lead-to-appointment time by 50%

Immediate lead response

Our automated text solutions will instantly follow up with your leads, no matter the source

Increase sales efficiency

Conversation notifications and optional templated responses allow your team to work smarter

Re-engage stale leads automatically

SalesRTX can automatically restart the conversation with stale leads and helping you recover lost revenue opportunities

Turn more leads into buyers

Enjoy 2x - 3x response rates compared to web forms and live chat

Automated appointment scheduling

SalesRTX can schedule, confirm and reschedule appointments via text message 24 hours a day

Missed appointments? Don't worry

If a lead misses their appointment, our software will automatically reach out to connect and reschedule if appropriate


Seamless integrations with every major CRM means conversation histories and lead details are always available

Customer-driven marketing

Stop operating under "normal business hours" and put your customer in the driver's seat

Turn your website into a 24/7 "always open" marketing machine

Over 50% of all chatbot conversations happen after hours. An AtlasRTX text chatbot allows your business to be "open" 24 hours a day, engaging with potential customers on their terms.

Speak fluently in your customer's preferred language

AtlasRTX chatbots will translate conversations in real-time, in over 100 languages. Empower your global audience to engage in their preferred language automatically.

Engage your audience on familiar communication platforms

Today's consumer prefers to chat and text, not talk on the phone or in person. AtlasRTX chatbots allow the kind of "self-service" shopping experience customers demand, while also allowing a sales person to engage at the right moment.

Text messages sent by SalesRTX bots in 2020
Delivery rate of SalesRTX text messages
Average click-through rate with SalesRTX SMS messages

Getting started is easy

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