Delight your customers through automated text and live chat

Keep customers engaged and both remediate small issues before they become big problems or identify opportunities to up-sell. Use ServiceRTX to continue to delight your customers after the sale.
Leave a website due to bad service and slow response.
Consumers who prefer chatbots for quick communication.
Millennials who interact with a chatbot daily in all industries.

AI-powered chatbots for customer support

When your customers need support or guidance, they want it in real-time, with human escalation. ServiceRTX allows for brands to proactively engage their customer base to learn about what’s going well and what could use improvement, and work to mitigate any issues quickly.

Empower your customer to engage with your brand on their terms

Monitor and improve customer satisfaction

27/7 Customer service

Enable your customers to reach out and receive support no matter the time of day

Quickly resolve customer issues

Automatically receive and route customer service requests so they can be resolved quickly

Seamless integrations

Our platform integrates with all major CRMs so you can manage customer service requests in your existing tech stack