Give every student a personal virtual assistant

Support your admissions and recruiting staff 24/7 with a chatbot for higher education institutions. Provide prospective students real-time access to information, increase applications and retention, and improve the student experience.

The only messaging platform built to support the entire student journey


Engage with prospective students in meaningful conversations on their terms, promote applications and inquiries






Increase yield by engaging with students over text message

Office of the Registrar

Financial Aid


Provide 24/7 access to student services and improve the overall student experience

Student Affairs

Campus Life

Health Services

Academic Departments


“To manage the round-the-clock global coverage of our AtlasRTX chatbot and the volume of conversations, we estimate that we would have to hire three staff members.”

Dan Gaines, Associate Director of Marketing | Purdue University Krannert School of Management


Employee hours per month saved per institution


Conversations handled by the chatbot without human interaction


Growth in applications from chatbot engagements


Applications generated from chatbot were accepted

Schools need automation and AI

Colleges and universities face intense competition to attract and retain students, and need to be able to provide a positive student experience on and off campus. Students have real-time communication expectations which aren't being met by staff and technology infrastructure.

We build chatbots to support your human team

Multi-lingual & Live Translation

The Atlas platform auto-detects over 100 languages and performs automatic two-way translation, giving your admissions team, and your students, the ability to communicate in their preferred way.

Simultaneous Chats

Your admissions and recruiting team can only engage effectively in one or two conversations at the same time. Our chatbots can handle hundreds, even thousands, of conversations while providing the same positive experience to each student.

Consistency & Reliability

When you can depend on a virtual team member to provide the most accurate information every time, that’s peace of mind. When you know they’ll never have a bad day or call in sick, that’s dependability. 


Our platform integrates directly with your CRM, Student Information System (SIS), and Learning Management System (LMS) for real-time data and conversation flow

Data and Insights

With data gathered about the preferences of students and web visitors, your marketing team can start being proactive, instead of reactive. Turn chat conversations into training real-time training opportunities.

Return on Investment

The proof is in the numbers. When you have a virtual recruiting, enrollment and retention assistant working 24/7, the incremental revenue generated is meaningful to your bottom line.

Technology-first chatbot solutions proven to empower the student at scale

Our chatbots are developed with higher education best practices, are continually enhanced by our dedicated account team, and proven to increase applications, yield and retention for undergraduate and graduate schools across the country.

“Our Rockhurst chatbot, ‘Kaycee’, has been instrumental in answering our visitors’ questions. Kaycee is a powerful shortcut resulting in a more positive experience for our website as a whole.”

Dave Hunt, Director of Marketing | Rockhurst University