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Smarter Lead Capture and Sales Follow-up

Generate more leads, convert more prospects into buyers, and delight more customers with an AI-powered AtlasRTX bot

AI Chatbots for Enterprise Companies

Your prospective customers deserve, and demand, a new buying experience.

AtlasRTX combines artificial intelligence, natural language processing and automation to create a real-time conversational interface on the web and text messaging to help you attract and delight prospective buyers.

Our technology is meant to complement existing outreach channels and initiatives, allowing your sales and marketing teams to scale without the need for additional staff. While our chatbots are working 24/7 to answer prospective buyer questions, collect valuable information and assisting them along their journey, your team can focus on helping those prospective buyers in the final stages of their decision-making process.

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Acquire more leads

AtlasRTX chatbots will engage with visitors from the moment they hit your web site, 24 hours a day, in over 100 languages. Our bots will pre-qualify your prospective customers, funneling them into desired actions like demo requests, online purchase or lead capture.

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Maximize your Revenue

Convert more leads to customers and shorten the sales cycle using an automated AtlasRTX chatbot. Engage with prospects automatically after a website visit and enable your sales team to text in real time with shoppers.

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Delight your customers

AtlasRTX chatbots offer insights into your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and allow you to extend the customer journey beyond the sale. Handle customer service questions before they become problems, and deliver a consistent customer experience across all your touch points.

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