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Higher Education Chatbots

Chatbots + Humans. Better Together.

The AtlasRTX chatbot provides colleges, universities and other higher education institutions with automated, web-based and text-based solutions to engage with prospective students, parents and current students  in real time, and in 100+ languages.

  • Recruiting chatbots to help colleges and universities attract new students and drive applications
  • Admissions chatbots to help accepted students complete the enrollment process
  • Graduate school chatbots to help prospective students learn about graduate programs and initiate applications
  • Financial aid chatbots to assist with questions from students about the options available, the process, and how to apply
  • Student life chatbots to allow current students a way to find information about housing, recreation, health services and more
  • Alumni relations chatbots provide universities and colleges an automated way to engage with former students and drive donations

Today’s High School and College students represent the first 100% digital generation

Students have grown up fully immersed in a world dominated by smartphones, texting and social media. Increasingly, young people are less likely to engage in-person or on the phone and prefer to conduct business with their fingers.

As the landscape changes, colleges and universities need to adapt. More competition between schools and programs means budgets, and employees, are stretched thin. Automating this outreach effort allows admissions and marketing teams to provide instantaneous, real-time experiences for students looking for information, no matter what time of day.

  • Image
    Born into the digital age
  • Image
    Comfortable with smartphones from a young age
  • Image
    Short attention spans
  • Image
    Don’t care about “normal business hours”
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    Prefer mobile and social messaging over all other forms of communication
Text messaging is the most preferred method of communication

Reaching Gen Z students requires a new way of thinking

82% of consumers rate an “immediate response” as very important to them. In fact, the average attention span of an internet user is just 5 seconds. Users want answers immediately, and they have little patience if they are made to wait.

While your university admissions and recruiting team may have had past success calling and emailing prospective students, conversion rates can only go up when you implement chatbots in recruitment.

2x - 3x

more time spent texting vs email by current high school and college students.

minutes per day students spend sending and receiving text messages.

AI Chatbot for Higher Education Recruiting and Admissions

AtlasRTX combines artificial intelligence, natural language processing and automation to create real-time conversational chatbots in recruiting. On the web and over SMS, universities, colleges and other higher education institutions can attract prospective students and delight existing students with our chatbots.

Where can you deploy an AtlasRTX chatbot within your campus outreach?

  • Recruiting – A recruitment chatbot can engage with prospective students 24 hours a day, in their language of choice (our platform can do real-time translation in over 100 languages), while providing details about undergraduate and graduate programs, tuition, student life, recreation, and more. Your chatbot can collect qualified leads for follow-up by your in-house team.
  • Admissions – An admissions chatbot can help prospective students learn about the application process, fee schedules, costs and important dates to remember. Increase initiated applications and boost enrollment with chatbots in recruitment and admissions programs.
  • Financial Aid – Help students find information about scholarships, tuition costs and payment options, financial aid opportunities, loans, grants and more with a financial aid chatbot.
  • Student Services – Delight existing students with outreach about campus events, housing information, recreation and athletics, health services and more.
  • Whatever use case you can think of, AtlasRTX can build a custom higher education chatbot to better meet the needs of your prospective and enrolled students, supporting them through the student journey.
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    Engage in real time, 24 hours a day
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    Real time, two-way translation in 100+ languages
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    Provide information to prospective students instantly
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    Converts more prospects into applications than standard web forms
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    Allows for human engagement farther down the decision-making process

AtlasRTX chatbots deliver proven, real time experiences across SMS and web 24 hours a day in 100+ languages

Case Study

Purdue University
Krannert School of Management

The Purdue University Krannert School of Management has been looking to increase student enrollment. Purdue needed help:

  • Engaging with Generation Z and “cuspers” in a customer-preferred interface.
  • Opening a new, interactive communications channel with a growing global audience of prospective students, managed by a small core internal team.


AtlasRTX implemented a web-based chatbot directly on the Krannert School’s “Apply Online” pages. This chatbot:

  • Converts more prospective students through 24/7, automated guided conversations.
  • Helps users find information faster.
  • Collects contact information for follow-up by the Purdue University admissions staff.
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AtlasRTX has been instrumental in hitting our enrollment goals for 2019 and beyond. It’s amazing that in just a few months we’re already seeing a 21% growth in inquires and a 17% growth in applications coming from the bot, without having to add additional staff or resources.
Growth in inquiries for 2020 entry terms compared to 2019 entry terms.


Growth in inquiries directly attributed to the Chatbot.


Growth in initiated applications YoY compared to 2019 cycle.


Total application growth (YTD) driven by the Chatbot.



Over 8% of chatbot users completed an application, and almost 57% engaged with the bot outside of normal business hours. Thanks to the autonomous nature of chatbots, over 54% of these engagements were handled 100% by a bot; no human engagement was necessary.



Chatbot users who completed an application.


Engaged with the chatbot outside of business hours.

Since July 2019, Purdue University has seen 51.2% more engagement through its chatbot than through web-based contact forms.



Engagements handled 100% by the chatbot.


More students engaged the Chatbot vs. a web form.

When users are more engaged, conversion rates also go up. Through November 2019, Purdue University has seen a 31% rise in inquiries from prospective students compared to the prior year, and almost 70% of this growth is attributed directly to the implementation of a chatbot. More importantly, applications are up over 68% YoY, with over 17% of that growth driven by the school’s chatbot.

Purdue University uses an automated chatbot from AtlasRTX to engage with prospective students in real time

Download the Case Study

College enrollment in the U.S. has decreased for the eighth consecutive year.* In a highly competitive market, the Purdue University Krannert School of Management partnered with AtlasRTX to implement an automated web-based chatbot to engage with prospective students in real-time.

Since the launch of MarketingRTX in 2019, the school has seen a 21% growth in inquiries for the 2020 term compared to the 2019 term that are directly attributable to the chatbot. In addition, total application growth driven by the chatbot is 17%.

With an automated chatbot operating 24 hours a day in 100+ languages, Purdue University is able to provide a more engaging experience to more prospective students than ever before.