Chatbots for Homebuilders

Chatbots + Humans. Better Together.

AtlasRTX chatbots for homebuilders provide an automated, web-based and text-based real-time experience (RTX) to engage with prospective buyers in real time, to support the online sales consultant with automated sales followup, and to improve customer service. Our chatbots for homebuilding are on-call 24 hours a day, and can perform real-time translation in 100+ languages.

Today’s first-time homebuyers represent the first 100% digital generation

Millenials and Generation Z have grown up fully immersed in a world dominated by smartphones, texting and social media. Increasingly, young people are less likely to engage in-person or on the phone and prefer to conduct business with their fingers.

As the landscape continues to evolve, homebuilders need to adapt. More competition between homebuilders means marketing budgets, and employees, are stretched thin. Automating this outreach effort allows in-house sales teams to provide instantaneous, real-time experiences for prospective buyers looking for information, no matter what time of day.

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    Born into the digital age
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    Comfortable with smartphones from a young age
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    Short attention spans
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    Don’t care about “normal business hours”
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    Prefer mobile and social messaging over all other forms of communication
Text messaging is the most preferred method of communication

Reaching prospective buyers requires a new way of thinking

82% of consumers rate an “immediate response” as very important to them. In fact, the average attention span of an internet user is just 5 seconds. Users want answers immediately, and they have little patience if they are made to wait.

While your sales teams may have had past success calling and emailing prospective buyers, conversion rates can only go up when you implement a real-time, text-based messaging strategy.


Real Time Solutions for Homebuilders

AtlasRTX combines artificial intelligence, natural language processing and automation to create a real-time conversational interface on the web and text messaging to help homebuilders attract and delight prospective buyers.

Our technology is meant to complement existing outreach channels and initiatives, allowing homebuilders to scale sales efforts without the need for additional staff. While our chatbots are working 24/7 to answer prospective buyer questions, collect valuable information and assisting them along their journey, your team can focus on helping those prospective buyers in the final stages of their decision-making process.

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    Engage in real time, 24 hours a day in 100+ languages
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    Increase post model-home visit engagement
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    Reduce contact-to-contract timing
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    Revisit recently aged buyer prospects, re-engage active buyers and understand why folks bought elsewhere

The trusted solution for homebuilders nationwide.

Homebuilders across the country use AtlasRTX to provide a real-time engaging experience for buyers throughout the customer lifecycle.

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AtlasRTX chatbots deliver proven, real time experiences across SMS and web 24 hours a day in 100+ languages

Case Study

Oakwood Homes

Oakwood Homes came to AtlasRTX to improve their communications with prospective buyers and customers in a fashion that matched the changing needs of today’s consumer. The end result was an increase in conversion metrics and an improved customer communications experience. Goals included:

  • Increase post model-home visit engagement
  • Identify overlooked prospective buyers
  • Revisit recently aged prospective buyers, re-engage active buyers and understand why folks bought elsewhere
  • Gather invitations and RSVPs regarding new communities
  • Engage Realtors regarding specials and new opportunities
  • Reduce time-to-purchase
  • Provide a tool for non-English speakers to engage
  • Gain competitive intel regarding pricing, location, etc. that buyers may be exploring


Oakwood Homes and AtlasRTX implemented the SalesRTX platform to convert prospective buyers beginning in the spring of 2017. SalesRTX handled one-on-one conversations and allowed Oakwood Homes to conduct one-to-many marketing through SMS messaging campaigns.

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Atlas is seriously one of the strongest tools in our tool box.
Increase in qualified prospective buyers


Increase in prospect-to-appointment conversion rate


Reduction in time-to-purchase


Messages sent by AtlasRTX and SalesRTX since launch

Download the Case Study

Oakwood Homes wanted to optimize marketing and sales processes to attract and retain new buyers, plus convert more interested prospects into buyers.

By launching SalesRTX automated sales follow-up via text, since 2017 Oakwood Homes has seen:

  • 70% increase in prospective buyers
  • 75% increase in prospect-to-appointment conversions
  • 50% reduction in time-to-purchase.

The automated SMS text chatbot following a website engagement or model home visit has allowed Oakwood Homes to more effectively use its inside sales team. Analytics and real-time data allow the team to focus on high intent prospective buyers.