Smarter, More Efficient Visitor Engagement for Destination Marketing Organizations

Keep visitors informed, and generate new convention business, through 24/7 automated conversational marketing.

Tourists and event professionals deserve, and demand, a better digital experience.

AtlasRTX combines artificial intelligence, natural language processing and automation to create a real-time conversational interface on the web and text messaging to help Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) attract and inform tourists and convention professionals.

Our technology is meant to complement existing outreach channels and initiatives, allowing DMOs and CVBs to scale marketing efforts without the need for additional staff. While our chatbots are working 24/7 to answer visitor questions, collect valuable information and assisting them along their journey, your marketing and Visitors Center team can focus on more important tasks.

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Attract new visitors

Travel has changed in 2020 thanks to COVID-19, and potential visitors have lots of questions and concerns. AtlasRTX chatbots will engage with visitors from the moment they hit your web site to answer the questions your visitors are asking, including questions about COVID-related restrictions, “what’s open”, events, things to do, dining and more.

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Generate more event leads

Our chatbots will help route your tourism and event traffic automatically, reducing the number of accidental event leads and allowing your convention sales team to spend their time with  professionals looking to hold events and meetings in your area. By using a chatbot, CVBs can generate more high-quality leads compared to web forms or live chat.

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Delight your visitors

Keep visitors and residents happy providing by providing the most up-to-date information through a familiar conversational messaging platform. With automated engagement happening 24/7 through the chatbot, your Visitors Center and marketing staff can re-focus their time on the most critical tasks.


Visit Salt Lake

Visit Salt Lake launched AskVSL, a virtual assistant chatbot, in April 2020 to optimize their web experience and reach a digital-first audience not likely to get information from their Visitor Center. Within weeks, COVID-19 led to the furloughing of most VSL staff and drastic cuts to their entire budget.

Using AskVSL, Visit Salt Lake was able to:

  • Answer frequently asked questions, including questions related to COVID-19, while much of the VSL staff was furloughed and the Visitor Center was closed.
  • Identify areas of their website where new content was needed, including COVID-related content about; what’s open, travel restrictions, and local safety requirements.
  • Provided an engaging experience 24/7/365, even when human staff was extremely limited.
We wanted a chatbot on our website to better, and more rapidly, answer visitor questions, especially during off-hours. AtlasRTX couldn’t be a better partner. The chatbot has helped us identify additional content needs throughout our website and has been especially helpful during the pandemic, as information is changing daily.
Eric Thompson

VP of Marketing, Visit Salt Lake


questions answered by the bot from April-June while the Visitor Center was closed due to COVID-19


questions answered by the bot in July 2020 after Visitor Center limited reopening


of all Visitor Center inquiries, including in-person, web, and phone, have been handled by the bot

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