Chatbots for Destination Marketing Organizations

The real-time experience (RTX) chatbots from AtlasRTX help local and regional Convention & Visitors Bureaus and tourism organizations to engage with tourists and event professionals 24 hours a day, in over 100 languages.

Falling revenue from COVID-19 shutdowns are putting enormous pressure on DMOs, even while local economies are slowly reopening. How do you continue to provide a positive experience to travelers and event planners when budget cuts and furloughs have been implemented?

Automate your Tourism and Convention Marketing with a Chatbot

Speak to multiple audiences from one personalized conversation platform

Tourism & Events

  • Searchable Events Calendar
  • Highlight “Things to Do”
  • Food & Beverage Directory
  • Provide answers to travel questions without the need for human engagement

Meetings & Conventions

  • Searchable convention calendar
  • Convention Services Directory
  • Provide information on available meeting & convention spaces
  • Generate leads from event planners
  • Increase potential of RFP submissions and event bookings

Tourism & Conventions Chatbot Focus

The Real-Time Experience™ chatbots from AtlasRTX are designed to provide tourism authorities and convention & visitors bureaus the ability to engage with tourists, event planners and meeting professionals in real time, 24/7 in over 100 languages.

Our chatbots will help your organization differentiate your audiences and provide relevant information to each group. While consumers and tourists may be interested in getting information on local events and things-to-do, as well as searching the local food and beverage scene, event professionals and planners will be looking for meeting spaces, availability, and convention services such as catering, audio/visual, lighting and more.

Improve the customer experience for tourists and event professionals while making sure your generated leads are qualified; allowing your event management teams to book more events and drive revenue growth.

Answer questions automatically, 24/7, in 100+ languages
Generate qualified convention and meeting leads from event professionals
Increase RFPs and event bookings
Case Study

Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) was looking for more than just the typical web analytics like time on site (TOS), frequently visited pages and numbers of pages viewed in a session. They wanted deeper insights to what their site visitors want to know. Initially the goal was to use conversational insights to improve their site user experience, track hotel referrals and request for proposal (RFP) submissions.

Las Vegas is the largest DMO in the world with and high volumes of site traffic to match. The LVCVA site as a result also sees very large traffic counts, especially to their event calendar page. What else did those who visited the site what to know about?


AtlasRTX implemented a web-based chatbot directly on the LVCVA’s website. This chatbot:

  • Differentiates tourist and consumer visitors from event professional visitors, helping to decrease the number of “accidental” leads from tourists
  • Helps users find information about convention spaces, availability, and services faster.
  • Collects contact information for follow-up by the LVCVA staff
  • Engages conversationally with visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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In just two months with the redesigned chatbot, LVCVA saw a notable increase of more 150% in chatbot assisted RFP submissions and more than a 300% increase in partner referrals. The Visitor Information Service (VIS) also experienced a significant decrease in the number of chat requests for contact and found the contact requests to be from more qualified leads.

AtlasRTX was able to, through conversational analysis, go beyond just what site visitors talking about, but also identified 3 main audiences and five visitor types. With this many types of visitors requesting information through Visitor Information Services (VIS) for routing to a sales representative, it shed light on how much time was spent to disqualify leads. What LVCVA found through their chatbot conversation analytics was they could be much more efficient in their lead capture.


Growth in chatbot-assisted RFP submissions


Increase in partner referrals


Decrease in non-event professional follow-up requests


Average chatbot conversations each month

Download the Case Study

The custom Lili chatbot for the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA)