Top 10 Best Practices for Online Sales Consultants

As an online sales consultant, you have a lot to manage. Whether it’s setting appointments, maintaining records of sales data, calling and speaking with clients across the country, or consulting and advising the clients you are working with, you influence the entire sales cycle. So what does it take to get ahead in this face-paced, high-energy home builder industry? We compiled a list of our top 10 best practices for online sales consultants to follow to help their business grow.

  1. Be Creative When Following Up With Prospects

Millennials are starting to buy houses. According to an article on, “By the end of 2018, Millennials represent 45% of all new mortgages, compared to 36% for Generation X, and 17% for Baby Boomers.” This means a new target audience is emerging that has high expectations for businesses. Stereotypically, millennials want buying processes to be efficient, fast and responsive. Your follow up must be quick and creative enough to grab their attention. Texting is the preferred form of communication. The faster, friendlier and easier you can make the process for the buyer, the more success the builder will have overall. For more, here’s a clip of Chris Hartley from Trendmaker Homes speaking about the modern buyer at the 2019 NAHB International Builders Show in Las Vegas.

2. Be The Expert On Each Community You Oversee

You should know everything there is to know about the communities you are selling. What are the finest parts of the community? What is going well? What could be changed? How satisfied are previous buyers? This will help you deliver the best and most accurate information to prospects.

3. Use Lasso As A Way To Keep Organized

Lasso is the number one CRM for new home sales. As the website states Lasso is a “CRM software custom-built to make it easier to capture, nurture, and convert more prospects into purchasers.” Kaylee Daum, Online Sales Counselor of the Month for August 2018, feels that,

“(Lasso) makes my life so much easier by keeping me organized. I open up Lasso and know exactly what needs to get done each day. When speaking with so many different people throughout a given week, I tend to remember their stories but not always their names so if a name pops up on my caller ID or I’m making an outgoing call, I can pull the customer’s profile right up and see exactly where we last left off and determine how best to guide our next conversation toward an appointment. The tools they offer for segmenting (custom lists, website analytics, mass mail summaries, etc.) are clutch in helping me prioritize follow up with the customers who are the most engaged. I could go on and on!”

For more see our post, “Two Products Every Home Builder Should Use Together

4. Keep In Touch With Your Clients Regularly

Checking in with your clients regularly by giving them a call or a text is the easiest way to get new commissions. Usually, it takes between 5 and 12 follow-ups with a prospect on average before they are ready to buy. Even if the conversation is as basic as asking how they are, the client will know you care about them as an individual. Keeping in touch also keeps you at the front of your client’s mind. You want to be the person your client thinks of when going to buy a home.

5. Listen To Your Buyer

People want to think that businesses care about their needs more than their own. Build trust with your consumers by asking thoughtful questions, remembering details about each individual buyer and listening to them more than speaking. When trust is established the buyer will be more willing to let you lead them throughout the whole process. Be empathetic but still be authentic.

6. Be Ready To Answer Questions

Consumers nowadays want detailed info up front before committing to meeting with someone. Likely, they will ask millions of questions. Even more likely, these questions will be the same ones you answered for previous prospects a million times before. Be ready with the answer to all of these questions promptly to establish dependability and reliability on your end. Buyers make decisions about buying faster than ever, you need to catch them before they move on to a competing community.

7. Respond To Leads With Urgency

Convert a prospective buyer to an appointment as quickly as possible. However, this can bring up a challenge for OSCs. As Lauren Ruggiero, OSC of the month for Nov 2018 states,

“Being on call 24/7 and having my day easily derailed if I happen to get multiple new incoming leads while balancing the other responsibilities of my job, can be tough. I have a great support team around me who understands that I need to and will drop everything to respond to new leads instantly.”

It is important to convert prospects to appointments promptly to raise the chances of making a sale.

8. Personalize Campaigns For Each Prospective Client

Gather information about your leads to organize and categorize them into groups. Use these groups to define common interests and pinpoint effective strategies to market to each group. For example, one group may consist of families with children under age 6. In this case, it would be a good strategy to remind the clients in this group about the top elementary schools in the area.

9. Have A Go-To Closing Technique To Get An Appointment

Make it clear to your buyer that setting up an appointment is the next logical step in the process. Show them that you listened by relaying back to them what is most important to them and presenting them with options for floor plans and lot selections that match what they are looking for, then set an appointment. Ask what day and time works for them. Ask if there is any more information needed to move to the next step in the buying cycle.

10. Use AtlasRTX For All Of The Above

Tips 1-9 are all excellent but it may seem overwhelming to put all of those into play at once. For our final (and most important) tip we recommend using AtlasRTX to make all of the above tips automatic and easy to do. AtlasRTX uses AI chatbots to automate all of the above practices you read. We help homebuilders to generate more qualified leads, sell homes faster and keep customers happy by having 24/7 customer support in any language.

  • Since online sales consultants have begun to use AtlasRTX they have found that:
  1. The contact to contract time frame has dropped by about 2 weeks
  2. Lead conversion to appointment by our OSC has increased to 75% conversion
  3. Lead conversion by our OSC from appointment to contract has increased 35%
  4. Communities using Atlas exceeded their monthly goals by 20% on average.
  5. wide-ranging demographics (early first or second-time buyers up to active adults as well as our main niche that includes the luxury home buyers in the $650k – $2M price point).  Everyone desires quick, accurate, and friendly communication equally.

AtlasRTX does not replace what you do, rather our chatbots will do the immediate follow up with the client before you come in and close the deal. Laura Ellis, NAHB’s 2018 Online Sales Consultant of the Year, said it best:

“As our culture continues to evolve to where everyone expects immediate gratification and relies even more heavily on the internet for all purchases, I see OSC teams needing to be even more available for prospects and able to provide immediate responses.”

Be more available with AtlasRTX. When follow-up gets ignored, AtlasRTX will get results.

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