Future-proofing your sales and marketing team for any economy


Joel Shine

Retired CEO
Woodside Homes

Chris Hartley

VP of Sales
K. Hovnanian Homes

Matt Wilson

Executive VP
Maronda Homes

How homebuilders can insulate themselves against economic swings and changing market conditions.

Times, they are a’ changing. Rising interest rates and inflation after two years of record sales is now negatively affecting the homebuilding landscape. While budgets may be tightened as sales slip, there are ways for homebuilders to see success no matter the market conditions. We’ll dive into the actions companies of all sizes can take to future-proof themselves against a fluctuating sales landscape; from technologies meant to improve the customer experience to putting a focus on brand reputation and post-sale customer service.

Homebuilder webinar, Future-proofing your Sales and Marketing Teams

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